LinkedIn and Corporate Wellness with Lindsay Mitrosilis

Have you been hearing good things about LinkedIn lately, but feeling too overwhelmed to join one more platform?

Despite its incredible ability to help connect people, LinkedIn has long been seen as a site for corporate recruitment that has no space for entrepreneurs. 

But that has changed dramatically in recent years. 

While business owners struggle to reach their ideal clients on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn has quietly surged ahead.

In today’s episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I talk with Lindsay Mitrosilis - a LinkedIn Mentor and Business Strategist - who explains why this relatively small platform might be the best and fastest route to getting in front of the right clients today.

Listen to us dig deep into:

- Why Lindsay wouldn’t give up entrepreneurship, even for $300K/year

- What makes LinkedIn more generous about letting your content reach more people

- Why consistency is less important than engagement on this...

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Taking Ownership of Our Healing Journey With Melissa Campbell

The world can be very slow at adopting wellness practices, even when it demonstrably leads to improvement in mental and physical wellbeing.

While some spaces are beginning to value the effectiveness of practices like Reiki, there’s still a long way to go before these resources become widely available to the ones who need it most. 

This is why it’s so important to show up everyday and be available to the people reaching out for help, so they can begin their journey towards healing. 

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak with Melissa Campbell, a Reiki Master who teaches energy healing to women, and we discuss the internal resources that every person is conditioned to suppress since childhood, and how Reiki helps amplify this support system!

Listen in as we explore:

- How access to this reserve of internal support changes behaviour and attitude

- The experience of suddenly having more resources for your mental wellbeing

- Focusing...

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How To Create A Seamless & Profitable Client Journey

How does a client go from finding you on social media to signing up for your stellar offer or service?

Do you know the exact path they take from the beginning to the end and what obstacles might derail them completely on route?

Entrepreneurs often focus entirely on building their social presence, and forget to think about the next steps in guiding new clients to a sale. This can lose you sales and rid clients of the opportunity to access that much needed transformation - both of which can be avoided with the right steps.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I show you how to map out a seamless and profitable client journey and reveal exactly how I remove friction from the path, so they can land on the final offer in the most potent way possible. 

Come with me as I deep dive into this fascinating aspect of business building as we explore

- Should you be focusing on just one social platform?

- Why you should reverse engineer your client’s journey

- How...

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The Gateway From Lawyer To Kundalini Yoga Teacher With Zoe Swan

Many of us come into the wellness space from an unexpected starting point searching for that one thing we need to be clear on - who we want to serve.

When we first enter, often the biggest conflict is refining that niche and figuring out what we have to offer and why we are the right person to offer it.

If you’re a multi-passionate practitioner, this might feel like a very confusing time. But so long as you are curious and open-minded about different practices in this space, you will eventually land on the perfect way to help your clients.  

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak to Zoe Swan, a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Wellness Consultant, who started her career as a lawyer but found herself gravitating towards wellness while looking for strategies to survive the legal & academic world. 

Zoe’s path to entrepreneurship was not an obvious one, but she never gave up. To understand how she built her business as the founder of The...

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How To Price Your Products & Services With Ease

 Can the thought of pricing be anything but nauseating for an entrepreneur?


We put a lot of ourselves into our offers, and that has the natural effect of making us believe that a rejection from a client because of our price is a rejection of the product or service we created. 

But that’s completely untrue.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I talk about the mindset you should develop around pricing, so that this part of running your business feels seamless and organic instead of something to dread.

To help change the way you approach pricing now, here are some of the things I dive deep into:

- You can never “charge your worth” because no one can put a price on you

- Why your pricing is your marketing! 

- How you’ll always be too expensive for some and not enough for others

- Why pricing speaks to the level of commitment that your client needs to show

- Practice pricing according to your own instincts and...

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Supporting Your Mental Health As An Ambitious Entrepreneur

At what stage of your business growth should you prioritize your mental health? 

When is it a good time to invest in support on your entrepreneurial journey? 

Is it normal to struggle with motivation while running a business you love?

After last week’s brilliant episode with Saša Harper, the feedback we got from the wellness community spoke volumes about the urgent need to increase accessibility in our businesses. But that also got me thinking about the struggles of entrepreneurship which don’t get talked about enough, as we hurry towards the next milestone in our business success story. 

In today’s episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I talk to you directly about my own experiences and struggles while growing a thriving wellness business.

Inside the episode, I explain: 

- How I check in on my own mental health 

- Why I seek out discomfort and how it helps me grow

- The need for a support system of fellow entrepreneurs


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Neurodiversity and Accessibility in the Wellness Space With Saša Harper

Sometimes the best advice can feel inaccessible because it speaks to a neurotypical audience by default. 

This is especially disheartening in the wellness space because most of us gravitate towards it seeking the comfort and support it offers.

So, in today’s episode of the Wellness Entrepreneur podcast, I’m speaking to Saša Harper, a Personal Coach from Liverpool, UK, who is actively working to make the wellness industry a more welcoming and accessible space for neurodiverse people.

Saša has spent a decade in physics education, and now uses their knowledge of the education field, physics, and their own experience with a late diagnosis of ADHD to help people achieve a better understanding of their own emotions and behaviours.  

In this episode, we talk in depth about:

- How Saša got their Master in Particle Physics, despite their struggles with the education system

- What it was like to live with undiagnosed ADHD until the age of...

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How Facebook Ads Can Help Supercharge Small Business Growth with Emily Hirsh


How do you know when it’s time to invest in Facebook Ads? 

How big does your audience have to be for it to work? 

Is it cheating if you gain followers from ads instead of organic growth?

Today’s guest on the podcast will answer all these questions and more! Emily Hirsh is a leading Digital Marketing Strategist and the founder of Hirsh Marketing. She’s worked with many clients who run digital empires across the world and helped them super-charge their reach. 

And in this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur, I ask Emily all the questions that entrepreneurs with young businesses have about digital marketing and the true effectiveness of Facebook ads.

Dive in with us, as we explore:

- The ONE element you must have ready before you use ads to amplify your reach

- Whether ads works even if you have a small budget for marketing

- What are cold and warm audiences, and how can you ensure that you’re reaching out to both with your content?


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Strengthening the Body Through Breath With Karolina Fung-On


The world gives a lot of information to new mothers about how they should care for their babies. But it fails to support women in caring for their own bodies after the rigours of childbirth. 

Today’s guest discovered this gap in knowledge early in her training as a fitness instructor, and found the perfect tool to help strengthen women’s bodies in Hypopressives. 

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I chat with Karolina Fung-On, Senior UK Hypopressives Trainer and boss at Fitness by the Sea. We talk about the many ways in which society dismisses the physical challenges of new mothers and Karolina’s determination to spread awareness about the issue.

We also explore:

- How motherhood helped Karolina figure out how little is known about women’s health issues after childbirth

- The challenges of teaching physically exhausting classes during her own pregnancy

- Why society’s ignorance causes women to neglect problems like...

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The Art of Giving With Julie Kent MBE

Every wellness entrepreneur aspires to create a business that helps people. But what are the benefits and drawbacks of living a life of giving to others?

The best person to answer that question must be the woman who just received an MBE for her decades of tireless charitable work. 

In today’s Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast episode, I talk to Julie Kent MBE about the loss that started her journey of giving and how her work has strengthened and supported her throughout the years.

In this interview, we explore:

- The challenges and joy of caring for sixty teenagers as a housemistress

- How giving your money or your time can be beneficial to your mental and physical health

- The pressures of being the upbeat, optimistic one

- Recognising and fully dealing with your own grief

- Nearly deleting the email that informed her of the MBE award

- Why higher-ups in a company should set charitable examples for employees to follow

The world has become more generous in the last year as...

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