Converting Likes & Lurkers Into Fully Paying Clients

Have you had conversations with people who don't turn into clients? Do you feel sometimes like you've exhausted all avenues to getting paying clients.

Figuring out how people interact and engage with your content and then convert to paying for your service can be tricky. We don't always know who is out there lurking and watching your content and when they will be ready to buy.

Even though we don't always know who is looking at our social media or reading our emails there are ways that we support those people through the journey to become loyal clients. In today's episode I want to discuss one element of your marketing which is turning those like and lurkers into fully paying clients.

Listen to me discuss:

  • why converting people to paying clients is both an art and a science
  • how the client continuum works 
  • the power of coincidence in your marketing
  • how to ensure people do not get stuck at a particular stage of the client continuum
  • the easiest way to get paying clients


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4 Hacks To Elevate Your Marketing Instantly

Are you feeling that it's a bit of a yawn fest with your content at the moment? Do you wonder if all of this marketing is really worth it?

So many business owners worry that they are not getting the engagement they would like and it makes them feel that maybe they're not that good at marketing. 

There are so many ways that you can change how you feel about marketing your business and begin to make sales. So today I'm going to give you four takeaways that you can implement in your business to create instant sales.

Listen to me discuss:

  • how you can clearly communicate what you offer
  • clarity on the investment of working with you
  • ways to use real life case studies that feel aligned 
  • getting people into decision making mode
  • the power of relationship building

By making some small shifts in how you speak to and engage with your ideal clients you can make a big impact. This is about elevating your marketing to a level that speaks clearly to people and supports them to see why...

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The Hidden Marketing Truths You Weren't Supposed to Learn

Are you struggling to make your mark in the wellness industry? Do you feel like you've tried everything but it's not quite working?

I hear so many of you worrying about marketing and finding your own voice in this space. But what if I told you that you already have everything you need within you?

What if I told you that you've been sold the 'hustle' culture around marketing and that it absolutely doesn't need to be that way.

I wonder how it would feel to learn some new marketing truths that would help you show up with ease and stand out as who you truly are. Well, today we're going to think about 5 key components around your marketing that you've probably not heard before.


Listen to me discuss:

  • the difference between marketing and selling
  • why being truly 'you' can have the biggest impact on your marketing
  • the truth about cookie cutter strategies
  • what we all need to let go of to make an impact
  • some of the core components to a truly powerful marketing strategy

To stand out in...

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The Four Biggest Red Flags in Business Coaching

It's easy as a business owner to jump from strategy to strategy thinking that this next shiny idea will be the one to grow our business.

There's also a shame I see in business owners when they don't know how to grow their business. But let's be honest, you don't know what you don't know. And that's when we start to look outside for support. 

What do we hear and when we look outwards? There's a crowded space with people giving lots of advice about how to grow your business but that their way is the only way that works.

Well what if I told you that there is a different way? What if we figured out the biggest red flags in coaching so that you can see through it all and find the right path for you.


Listen to me discuss:

  • ways that we can fall into coaching traps and be sold on the next shiny object
  • how to overcome having lots of half finished projects within your business
  • what to listen out for when looking to work with a coach
  • why you are the expert in your own business
  • how...
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How To Finally Conquer Consistency In Your Marketing

Are you business owner who struggles to show up online consistently? Do you look at others social media and wonder how they do it?

It's easy to fall into the trap of believeing there is a gold standard for consistency in business. That if you don't show up in a certain way you can't be successful.

But what if I told you there is a different way, a better way to show up that your followers will loveeven more?

Well, in today's episode I'm going to talk about just that. Let's think about the type of relationship you want to develop with your followers.


Listen to me discuss:

  • what does consistency actually mean?
  • why the gold standard doesn'tr eally exist
  • some of the key questions you can ask yourself to understand what is right for you
  • what your audience might really be looking for
  • how you can begin to set your own personal standards for showing up on social media

So, free yourself from the cycle of consistency and inconsistency and create your own framework for success.

I hope...

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Busting the 5 Marketing Myths That Are Crippling Your Wellness Business

How do you feel when I say the word marketing? Do you have visions of you having to sell on your social media platforms? 

So many entrepreneurs in the wellness space worry about marketing themselves and their business and fall into the trap of believeing some of the marketing myths that are perpetuated.

What if I were to tell you what I hear and see on a weekly basis when it comes to marketing? Would it help you if I busted some of the myths out there that may leave you feeling discouraged?

Well, in today's episode I'm going to do just that. Let's focus on the things we hear about marketing that put us off actually showing up. 

Listen to me discuss:

  • the top 5 marketing myths
  • the a difference between marketing and selling
  • why social media isn't the only platform that you can use for marketing
  • what makes marketing unethical
  • how to start showing up today for your business

Let's step away from if we think we're good or bad at marketing. Instead focus on the clear steps that...

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Mental Health in Business: The Unspoken Side of Success

On World Mental Health Day I want to talk about the correlation between entrepreneurship and mental health.

Entrepreneurs can struggle with their mental health for many reasons and can feel alone and invisible.

But what if I were to tell you that you’re not alone, that the statistics show that a high proportion of people in business deal with a variety of mental health issues that can lead to burnout. So, why do we feel so alone and how do we support ourselves to strengthen our mental health so that we can make the most of our entrepreneur life?

Listen to the full episode, where I discuss:

  • The statistics relating to mental health and entrepreneurship

  • How the entrepreneurs journey can be linked to mental health

  • Why running your own business can be the perfect paradigm to support you

  • How you can develop your business to meet your needs

  • Why some of the messages for how you should build your business can be harmful


This episode is dedicated to mental health and...

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Instagram Broadcast Channels: Can They Help Grow Your Wellness Business

How do you feel about new features being launched on your favourite social media platforms? Does it fill you with overwhelm of yet another aspect to try to master? Or is it an exciting opportunity?


Instagram have launched broadcast channels as a way for business owners to communicate with their followers and also for your followers to communicate with each other. But is this something that you can make work for your business or will it be a fad that will fizzle out. 


Let's explore today how channels work and how using them effectively can increase your trust, impact and influence on your audience. 

You will hear:

  • how broadcast channels are a powerful new communication tool
  • why this feature will increase connection and sales
  • what are the different ways you can use channels
  • how the broadcast channel elevates your subscriber element of instagram

This new feature can become a powerful and nuanced way to connect with your clients and followers. Rather than feel...

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5 Steps to Making Difficult Decisions

How easy do you find it to make decisions? Or do you find it hard, going over the details again and again, unable to make the final choice?


We are faced with decisions every single day and as a wellness business owner I know that you are facing lots of decisions. What if you need to make a big decision that will change the course of your business? Maybe your life.


You heard me talk about the big business decision I took in last week's episode and you have heard me talk about a more personal decision that I took last year. But what were the steps I took to make those decisions?

If you would like to hear how I came to make those decisions then today's episode is for you. I want to share with you the foundations of my decision making. The five steps that I always take to make difficult decisions. 

This announcement came with a lot of questions. So in today's episode I'm changing the format slightly so that my friend and messy business partner, Sarah Taylor, can ask...

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The Real Reason I'm Closing My Award-Winning Day Spa

As a wellness business owner do you currently have something in your life that you are thinking of changing, pivoting or ending? I know you're not alone but how often do we actually make the change?

If this is you then today's episode speaks to you directly. I have been wanting to make a big change to my business for some time now and last week I announced that change. I announced that I will be closing my award-winning day spa.

This announcement came with a lot of questions. So in today's episode I'm changing the format slightly so that my friend and messy business partner, Sarah Taylor, can ask me the burning questions you, my followers, have posed.

You will hear:

  • how my journey as a salon owner began and the issues that came with this journey
  • some of the struggles experienced during lockdown
  • what brought me the most joy
  • my thoughts on the legacy the spa is leaving
  • what the catalyst was for the change
  • the main lessons I learned from running this business


This episode...

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