The Real Reason I'm Closing My Award-Winning Day Spa

As a wellness business owner do you currently have something in your life that you are thinking of changing, pivoting or ending? I know you're not alone but how often do we actually make the change?

If this is you then today's episode speaks to you directly. I have been wanting to make a big change to my business for some time now and last week I announced that change. I announced that I will be closing my award-winning day spa.

This announcement came with a lot of questions. So in today's episode I'm changing the format slightly so that my friend and messy business partner, Sarah Taylor, can ask me the burning questions you, my followers, have posed.

You will hear:

  • how my journey as a salon owner began and the issues that came with this journey
  • some of the struggles experienced during lockdown
  • what brought me the most joy
  • my thoughts on the legacy the spa is leaving
  • what the catalyst was for the change
  • the main lessons I learned from running this business


This episode...

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Endless Content Ideas: Never Run Out of Ideas Again

 Do you struggle to create content when you got to social media or sit to write a blog post? Are you staring into a sea of 'nothing'.

I hear so many people worrying about what to post next and falling into procrastination and frustration. What if I could share with you a method where you would have to worry about what to post again? How would it feel to know you have a bank of content ready to go at a moment's notice?

Well in this week's episode I'm going to share with you the process I give to my one to one clients that sees them posting content that is of value to their community. And it's a fun and enjoyable process at the same time.

Listen to the full episode where I share with you:

  • how to think about what your audience wants
  • why this process can work for nearly every wellness entreprenuer
  • ways that you can research what your clients want to hear about
  • the three step process to create your content
  • how to dial up content creation to produce hundreds of pieces of content that...
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5 Signs You've Outgrown Your Business

Have you noticed that there is something not quite the same in your business? Are you feeling out of alignment?

Sitting with the feeling of knowing that something needs to change and not making that change can create lots of unexpected impacts both for you personally and how your business functions So what do you need to do to make the change?

In this week's episode we're going to explore some of the signs that you've outgrown your business. Let's take a look at what might be holding you back from making a change, no matter how big or small. 

Listen to the full episode where I share with you:

• how to begin to pick up on the signs that you're out of alignment
• what causes heavy energy towards our business
• why it is so emotional to notice these feelings of wanting to change
• how to start working within your zone of genius
• the power of a plan

So lets let go of the frustration and worry and start to assess what you need to make happen so that your...

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Boost Summer Sales (While You Take Time Off)


Are you wondering how you can manage your business and the Summer holidays? Or maybe you believe that no one will be buying in the Summer?


Summer can be a tricky time of year to navigate whether you’re balancing your children and your business or trying to find that one amazing sales strategy.


So, in this week’s episode I want to talk to you about how you and your business can thrive and maximise income over the summer whilst still getting some time for the things you love to do.


Listen to the full episode where I share with you:

  • The opportunity that is there for business owners who want to offer services for those people still wanting a transformation
  • The importance of considering your income goals over the summer period
  • How to begin to work out what will be needed from you over the summer in terms of time and investment
  • The importance of communicating your plans with those around you
  • How to choose the right offer that speaks to the needs...
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5 Ways to Get Ahead When You've Fallen Behind


How often do you think to yourself, I'm falling behind! Whether that be in a course you're taking or in your business, is it a thought that shows up for you?


I'm confident that it's not just in your life now that you feel it but you will have heard the message as a child too. Not being where you need to be, feeling behind, comparing your progress to others. 


In this week's episode I want to reflect on where this feeling comes from and how we can move past it. I've had a front row seat to this belief showing up in my course creator students and it's such a powerful thing to explore. 


I want you to know that feeling behind is just a belief and there are so many things we can consider in order to get back to the mindset we need for success.


So let's dive into the 5 ways you can get ahead when feel that you've fallen behind.


Listen to the full episode, where I share with you:

  • What happens when you start to believe you're behind

  • The...
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The Online Course Creator Launch Debrief

I’ve talked on the podcast before about the importance of doing a launch debrief and I’ve given you behind the scenes access to my previous launches. 

So today, we’re here again following the launch of the Online Course Creator and I really want to share with you the things that went well, the things I have learned and what I might change for future launches. 

It’s a juicy episode where I take you through the metrics and my thought processes throughout the whole launch. There are so many amazing insights to hear. 

It’s so important to see the full picture and correctly measure the success of a launch. And remember, it’s not all about the metrics. 


Listen to the full episode, where I share with you:

  • What worked well in my launch and why?
  • The founding member strategy I used and if i would recommend it
  • The data spots in detail across my different platforms including the podcast
  • What areas I would improve for next time
  • The...
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16 Ways to Create More Sales in Your Wellness Business Today

You’re working hard on your business every day but don’t see the sales to match.

What’s going wrong?

I believe great sales are the result of long term strategies that are implemented simply but consistently over time. 

November 2021 was my best month in sales. Yet it was also the month when I had taken weeks off to heal after a surgery.

Like the self-confessed nerd that I am, this got me figuring out exactly why and how this had happened.

And in this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I reveal my findings and share 16 ways you can put your business on the path to consistent growth and skyrocketing sales in 2023. 

Some of the methods I outline inside cover:

- being present in the right spaces 

- involving your most invested clients and audience in building new offers

- building your immunity to rejections

- clearly and repeatedly positioning your offer

- identifying and tracking warm leads

See this episode as my gift to you, one you can...

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The Six Most Profitable Online Course Types

Are you looking to be able to leverage your time in your business or even create a scalable offer but don’t know where to start?

So many business owners feel like this and those of us in the wellness industry might feel that this is more difficult for us to do. 

How would it feel to walk in the path of so many of my other wellness practitioner clients and create something that works for you, your business and your clients?

Well in today’s episode I want to share with you how you can create an online course to showcase your offerings. Now, I hear you saying already that you don’t know where to start or maybe that the tech is too difficult. But hold those thoughts because I have the key to making this so beautifully simple. 

So join me in this episode where I am going to share with you the most profitable online course types and how you could implement them quickly.

Listen to the full episode, where I discuss:

  • How to know if an online course is right for you...
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How to Earn More & Work Less (The *Actual* Formula)

Are you looking at people on social media who are living the laptop lifestyle and thinking ‘I wish that was me’?

Does that come from a place of having a desire to earn more money while working less hours?

Are you struggling to work out how you could even start to run your business in a way that would make that happen?

Well, you need to listen to today’s episode and hear my thoughts about some of the easiest ways to create a business that gives you the life that you want.

Now, you don’t have to live the laptop lifestyle to achieve this and would you believe me if I told you that this business model can be available to you whatever you do within the wellness industry.

So join me in this episode where I am going to share with you the actual formula for working less and earning more in your business.

Listen to the full episode, where I discuss:

  • How you can leverage your existing clients rather than constantly having to bring new clients into your world

  • The power of...

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10 Beliefs That Are Stunting Your Business Growth (and How to Rapidly Change Them)


You’ve got the strategy in place for growing your business and still you find that you’re not getting the growth you want or that you’re not taking the action you need. 


Have you ever thought about why this might be the case? Well think no more, your core beliefs are the foundation for everything and depending on what they are telling you will predict what will happen in your business. 


I have been exploring some of my own core beliefs that are holding me back in other areas of my life and it made me think about how important what we believe is for our business. 


If you have negative beliefs that show up when you are trying to grow your business you are definitely missing out on a range of possibilities available to you. 


So, how can you start to identify the unhelpful ones so that you can replace them with supportive beliefs that will help you to achieve your goals?


Join me in this episode where I will...

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