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Hi, I’m Kirsty.

I teach wellness entrepreneurs, just like you, how to create simple yet wildly abundant businesses that focus on impact, whilst eliminating the constant confusion, endless overwhelm and dreaded question 'what do I do now?'



I don't believe in coincidence, so I have a hunch you have landed here for a reason

Now, I know your time is precious and I am not about to waste a single minute of it, so let's get you to exactly what you're looking for

Looking To Confidently Start Or Scale A Profitable Wellness Business?

Explore The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy - The most comprehensive, step-by-step roadmap to confidently start and scale a profitable wellness business.


Or Perhaps You Want To Master Your Energy And Activate Your Alignment?

Embark on a Journey Through The Seven Chakras - The step-by-step pathway to ignite your fire, unleash your potential and astonish your communities.


Or Maybe You're Ready To Take The Leap And Invest In 1:1 Support?

Private mentoring with Kirsty is a bespoke and immersive experience to accelerate your impact, uplevel your income and consciously contribute to the world.


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Join hundreds of female entrepreneurs who are upleveling their impact and their income.

"I got paid for meditating today, so your wealth creation process is working already! Imagine that, paid to actually meditate, just that. YES it's possible!" Anna

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Your Success Is Necessary

My mission is to empower women to quit exchanging their time for money but rather exchange their gifts for the value they deserve.

Your work has the ability to change lives and leave a lasting legacy. With the right messaging and roadmap, you can alleviate overwhelm and ditch burnout for good, whilst still creating massive impact and income.


Raz, London/Canada

When I lived in Brighton, I went to guided meditation sessions at Uniquely Organic EcoSpa, and I loved the space. I hadn't met Kirsty before but I knew that whoever ran this place was someone I'd enjoy working with! Working with her absolutely affirmed this. Spending time with her is like sitting in bright sunshine: everything seems clearer and you feel a warm glow of happiness. I can't imagine doing this work with a better person.

Alice, London

Kirsty uses her gifts, empowerment and kindness to uplift, inspire and help you find what isn’t serving you in your life so you can push through limiting beliefs and be the highest version of you, possible. I am so grateful for the depth Kirsty goes into and how she intuitively links everything together. Most significantly, within a few days I was already seeing HUGE changes showing up in my life which wouldn’t be happening right now if I hadn’t met Kirsty! 

Rosie, Brighton

Kirsty’s unique combination of spirituality, drive and sharp business sense is so powerful and refreshing. An hour with her made more of an impact than hours and hours spent with corporate business coaches in the past. I left the session knowing that I can leave the corporate rat race, do something I love, make money, have time to enjoy my family, and perhaps even do some good! 

The Magic Fueling Your Biz

I've been where you are. I have known the overwhelm, hustle, exhaustion and low self worth. I tried every book, podcast, online course, coach and guru I could find but there was always something missing. I KNEW MY WORK DESERVED MORE. I'd had enough outsourcing my success, so dedicated my life's work to unlocking the blueprint to creating purpose-fuelled success that amplified my business and my life.

Energetic Mastery +

Your energetic bandwidth directly determines your level of success

Aligned Business Strategy =

This isn't a one size fits all. Strategy must be in alignment with your desired impact

Massive Impact & Income

With energetic mastery and aligned biz strategy, success is just the next step

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"There is something magical in this work, Kirsty is a true pioneer in her field – an Alchemist. I feel honoured and to have worked with her and very blessed to be on the path I am now on."

Interior Therapist

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