What If YOU Had All The Tools You Needed To Build A Thriving And Profitable Instagram Community?

You're just seconds away from waving goodbye to the constant confusion and endless overwhelm of Instagram growth and hello to everything you need to grow a meaningful and abundant community of raving super fans who are hella excited to work with you!

Access Instagram: The 10K Growth Formula Now

Imagine growing Instagram as a business asset that puts you just one post, comment or story away from elevating your impact and income every single day!

Grow Your Connections

You know - the real, genuine ones that bring joy to your business and sales to your services

Grow Your Audience

So you never have to fear your content is shouting into the digital abyss ever again

Grow Your Sales

That's right - be damn sure your growth on Instagram is actually going to boost sales

As a business owner you already know the importance of building relationships...

after all, people buy from people, right? But why does this relationship building lark feel so icky, slooooow and unrewarding on Instagram?

If you're feeling this way - I am here to tell you it is not your fault. These platforms have so many functions and features it can feel almost impossible to keep up, let alone master their intricate do's and dont's.

Now look, I'm not some wannabe social media guru, I'm someone who was where you are now just 12 months ago. Feeling lost, deflated and disempowered when it came to my relationship with Instagram.

But not anymore! In less than 12 months I mastered a potent growth formula that took us from a stagnant 2K to a thriving 10K+ audience - and lucky for you, I've compiled everything I know into this simple yet wildly effective course.


The only formula you'll ever need create a fierce Instagram strategy that will have you converting browsers into buyers whilst simultaneously building a diverse community of awesome humans you genuinely adore to support. 

By the end of this course, you'll have:

Confidently Created YOUR Instagram Strategy

Finally, no more cookie-cutter growth strategies but instead a potent and prosperous strategy that's as unique as you are.

Established Strong Instagram Business Building Basics

Everything starts with strong foundations - especially when it comes to building a business asset as fruitful as this.

Said Goodbye Tech Overwhelm & Buh-Bye To Burnout

You are not rubbish at tech and it does not need to take over your life. I'm a big fan of simple actions leading to big rewards.

Curated A Clear Client Journey From Comment To Customer

That's right, those vanity metrics will be a thing of the past as you seamlessly create content that converts.

Found The One Platform That Supercharges The Rest

Oh yes, we don't work hard on Instagram, we work smart. Growing our email list and much more as we build.

Puja Vashisht, Ayurvedic Wellness Coach

I had been putting a lot of effort in to my Instagram from August 20. So much effort! But little results. My followers did go up albeit slowly. After watching Kirsty’s course, my followers have been increasing with really lovely people! I’ve reached out and chatted to people and used it as ‘social’ media. Thanks to Kirsty! Love her genuine attitude and I really resonate with her integrity. Save yourself some time (and heartache). 

The Instagram course that finally cuts through all the jargon and cookie-cutter strategies to get you real, tangible results. Because you already know how much goes into growing a thriving business and you are ready to make instagram your most powerful marketing tool yet!

Here's What You'll Find Inside Instagram: The 10K Growth Formula...

Step One: The Grid

Create a grid that grows your audience 24/7 and has your ideal clients wondering where you have been all their life.

Step Two: Growth Metrics

Finally say goodbye to that wish and hope strategy and instead learn exactly what metrics you need to master to optimise your growth.

Step Three: Features

Should you be focusing on reels, static posts, videos, lives or stories to see the biggest return in sales and growth?  We'll reveal all.

Step Four: Stories

Possibly the most potent sales tool when you know how to use it. You'll learn the latest story tips and tricks to convert views into sign ups.

Step Five: Rapid Growth

The main event! Learn the step-by-step secrets to rapid audience and sales growth on Instagram without the dreaded overwhelm.

Step Six: SM Self-Care

Prioritising and supporting your own well-being on social media is vital to your sustained, long term success so its a non-negotiable on this course!

Here's What You'll Get When You Enrol Today:


✔️ 6x How-To video Lessons

Supporting you every step of the way to smash through your business goals and eliminate the Instagram confusion and overwhelm for good!

✔️ 6x Roadmap Workbooks

Implementation is everything! These workbooks will act as your clear and predictable roadmap to success.

✔️ Access To Unlimited Updates & Life-Time Access

That's right, this will quickly become your one-stop shop for all things Instagram. We know the plfatform changes frequently and that those changes are hard to keep up with. Well don't fear, noone gets left behind on our watch so you'll have life-time access to all course updates and upgrades in real time.

Access Instagram: The 10K Growth Formula Now

Get All Of This For Just £47!

Jennie Blake,  Serenity Sessions

I took Kirsty's Insta Growth course and loved it. It was super accessible - not filled with marketing jargon, but rather full of practical, instantly applicable guidance which I was able to implement straight away, with fast results. I've been able to apply what I learnt to both my businesses in different ways, too, proving Kirsty's point that this isn't a "one size fits all" strategy.

Polly Warren, Midlife Health & Life Coach

I found this so useful. I felt quite overwhelmed when starting a new Instagram account but with Kirsty’s advice, I now actually enjoy it. This has helped become more focused on what I was posting and why. Since following Kirsty’s advice, I have so much more engagement from my audience and a consistent flow of new followers.

Imagine this:

Waking up on the morning of your next launch knowing that you have cultivated a diverse and loyal community of mega fans who are literally waiting for the news to drop.

No more sleepless nights wondering if anyone is going to buy because your audience have already told you this is exactly what they - after all, the guess work left some time ago.

No more constantly refreshing the screen hoping for someone (anyone) to enagage because you're still catching up on the engagement from yesterdays activity.

No more stopping and starting wondering if there's really any point to the endless hours you're commiting to this app becuase your getting results on the daily.

But most importantly, imagine having finally found YOUR people who have transformed what once felt like a chore into a thriving hub of like-minded people with a shared vision and mission in the world.

Access Instagram: The 10K Growth Formula Now

Get All Of This For Just £47!

Sally Garozzo, RTT Hypnotherapist

This course really enabled me to understand how Instagram works. As a result I’ve been more motivated to up my game with it. I’m using stories, reels and the grid way more effectively and have been able to intentionally grow my account numbers which I’ve seen reflected in my sales. The other great thing Kirsty taught me was how to use IG as a relationship building tool. No more hours spent on ‘in person’ networking! I highly recommend this product.

Natalie Russell, Relationship Coach

Kirsty’s course is broken down so well and simplifies it in a way that just makes it seem so easy.  It’s so practical and she guides you through visually which is the way I learn best. She covers everything that you need to understand to create more engagement. In fact everything I have done of Kirsty’s has been so full of information, and is delivered in such and engaging way.  She is so full of knowledge and really knows her stuff. I definitely recommend this if you are looking to grow your instagram.

Tap Into Instagrams 500 Million Users And Get In Front Of The 81% Of People That Use Instagram To Inform Their Purchasing Decisions

Nobody can ignore those stats and I think we can agree they are only going one way - and that is UP!

Now is YOUR time to take up space, get your message heard and ensure you're purpose-led work gets into the hands of those that need it most.

Access Instagram: The 10K Growth Formula Now

Get All Of This For Just £47!

Heather Sharples, Hypnobirthing

It was amazing! I've signed up for loads of these Instagram growth workshops and you just end up feeling overwhelmed or not good about yourself. This has by far been the best - it's the most informative, most helpful and the most authentic one I've watched.

Nicola Doherty, Freelancer Coach & Mentor

Kirsty’s session is packed full of valuable and actionable tips that can be implemented immediately! I learnt how to use Instagram in a way that feels fun and authentic to who I am. I got so much value from this course and would highly recommend to someone who wants to use Instagram as a business asset to step up their growth, connect with authentic followers and create content that screams right out to your client.


Meet Kirsty ...

Nowadays I'm often referred to as The Wellness Entrepreneur Queen but before the top-ranking podcast, multi-award winning businesses and six-figure revenue streams ... there was an overwhelmed and over-worked holistic therapist trying to please everyone and getting nowhere fast.

Fast forward to now and I'm the secret weapon to hundreds of wellness entrepreneurs supporting them to grow a business and life they love.

Instagram has allowed me to scale my vision and mission more than any other platform and has offered collaboration opportunities I never imagined possible - and in this course I'm sharing it all!

Sarah Taylor, The Queerpreneur Coach

With Kirsty’s support and guidance, I’ve trebled my Instagram audience, massively increased engagement on my content and sold out my group coaching programme! One of Kirsty's superpowers is how she makes complicated or overwhelming strategies simple and easy to implement.


Start your journey to making Instagram a powerful business asset that calls in your ideal clients with ease and has them jumping into your DMs saying "I'm so ready for this - sign me up!".

All for just £47

I'm Ready! Let's Go!