Converting Likes & Lurkers Into Fully Paying Clients

Have you had conversations with people who don't turn into clients? Do you feel sometimes like you've exhausted all avenues to getting paying clients.

Figuring out how people interact and engage with your content and then convert to paying for your service can be tricky. We don't always know who is out there lurking and watching your content and when they will be ready to buy.

Even though we don't always know who is looking at our social media or reading our emails there are ways that we support those people through the journey to become loyal clients. In today's episode I want to discuss one element of your marketing which is turning those like and lurkers into fully paying clients.

Listen to me discuss:

  • why converting people to paying clients is both an art and a science
  • how the client continuum works 
  • the power of coincidence in your marketing
  • how to ensure people do not get stuck at a particular stage of the client continuum
  • the easiest way to get paying clients


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4 Hacks To Elevate Your Marketing Instantly

Are you feeling that it's a bit of a yawn fest with your content at the moment? Do you wonder if all of this marketing is really worth it?

So many business owners worry that they are not getting the engagement they would like and it makes them feel that maybe they're not that good at marketing. 

There are so many ways that you can change how you feel about marketing your business and begin to make sales. So today I'm going to give you four takeaways that you can implement in your business to create instant sales.

Listen to me discuss:

  • how you can clearly communicate what you offer
  • clarity on the investment of working with you
  • ways to use real life case studies that feel aligned 
  • getting people into decision making mode
  • the power of relationship building

By making some small shifts in how you speak to and engage with your ideal clients you can make a big impact. This is about elevating your marketing to a level that speaks clearly to people and supports them to see why...

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How To Finally Conquer Consistency In Your Marketing

Are you business owner who struggles to show up online consistently? Do you look at others social media and wonder how they do it?

It's easy to fall into the trap of believeing there is a gold standard for consistency in business. That if you don't show up in a certain way you can't be successful.

But what if I told you there is a different way, a better way to show up that your followers will loveeven more?

Well, in today's episode I'm going to talk about just that. Let's think about the type of relationship you want to develop with your followers.


Listen to me discuss:

  • what does consistency actually mean?
  • why the gold standard doesn'tr eally exist
  • some of the key questions you can ask yourself to understand what is right for you
  • what your audience might really be looking for
  • how you can begin to set your own personal standards for showing up on social media

So, free yourself from the cycle of consistency and inconsistency and create your own framework for success.

I hope...

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5 Steps to Making Difficult Decisions

How easy do you find it to make decisions? Or do you find it hard, going over the details again and again, unable to make the final choice?


We are faced with decisions every single day and as a wellness business owner I know that you are facing lots of decisions. What if you need to make a big decision that will change the course of your business? Maybe your life.


You heard me talk about the big business decision I took in last week's episode and you have heard me talk about a more personal decision that I took last year. But what were the steps I took to make those decisions?

If you would like to hear how I came to make those decisions then today's episode is for you. I want to share with you the foundations of my decision making. The five steps that I always take to make difficult decisions. 

This announcement came with a lot of questions. So in today's episode I'm changing the format slightly so that my friend and messy business partner, Sarah Taylor, can ask...

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Building Client Confidence in Your Wellness Business


How often do you look at other people who are running a wellness business and think that their success is due to their confidence? Do you worry that you are not confident enough to consitently grow your business?

This has been a theme I have been noticing a lot recently. There is a growing belief amongst business owners that consistent confidence is what needs to be built in order to have a successful business. What I notice though is that while you are waiting to build your confidence to take your next steps others will be flying past you as they are doing something different.

So in this week's episode I want to really get underneath what it means to be consistenly confident and why it might not be the thing you want to be striving for if you are looking to grow your business and have success. 

Listen to the full episode where I share with you:

  • why confidence might not be the thing you want to strive for
  • how confidence fluctuates and can be dependent on situations
  • why...
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Be the Best Boss You Can Be (to Yourself)

What kind of a boss are you? You might be thinking you're not a boss because you don't have a team. Well let me tell you this. You are your own boss. 


Have you become the boss you never wanted to be or even worse like the one you really didn't like having. Have you heard the phrases on instagram like 'girl boss' making us believe that we have to work harder and push harder. Well all that is about to change.


In this week's episode we're going to explore how you can show up as a good boss for yourself and the impact it will have on your business. Let's learn the difference between a good work ethic and hustle. Let's find some more positive and helpful ways to be the best boss we can be for ourselves. 


Listen to the full episode where I share with you:

  • Why I believe the 'Barbie' film sums up perfectly the struggle we have with boss culture in our businesses
  • the importance of knowing yourself and how you work best
  • why investing in yourself matters
  • ...
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6 Ways to Use Instagram Threads to Grow Your Wellness Business


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Finding Purpose Through Adversity with Katie Stevenson

Are you connected so deeply to your purpose that it could withstand life-altering news?

Do you ever wonder what you would do if things as you currently know them to be, changed in an instance?

To a degree, this is something I’ve been experiencing lately but nothing that compares to what this week's guest, Katie Stevenson has experienced over the last few years.

In this episode Katie generously shares with us the journey she has taken since her cancer diagnosis in 2020 and how she’s managed to finally refind her purpose amongst unimaginable adversity.

During this conversation, Katie gifts us with a rare glimpse into the awakenings she has experienced as a result of having to come up against her own mortality.

More than ever, Katie has a desire to continue to speak her truth in order to support others who are walking the same path, to raise awareness of things around the cancer that so many people know nothing about and, perhaps most importantly, to leave a lasting legacy for...

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The Secret To Profitable FB & IG Ads

Want to grow your audience but not sure of the best way to do it?

Maybe you’ve thought about using FB & IG ads but have questions, or even worries, about how to run ads effectively?

Well in today’s episode of the Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast I want to talk to you about FB & IG ads and why I believe they can be incredibly effective for growing your business.

Now I get it, ads can be such a  polarising topic leaving people asking the question, ‘to ad or not to ad?’. Mix in to that the shame projected out there relating to organic vs paid growth and it can lead to confusion as to the best way forward.

What if I were to tell you that ads have helped me and my clients in the Wellness Entrepreneur Collective grow our businesses and bring more clients into our ecosystem? And that if you want to do the same, you’ll need to tune into today’s podcast episode where I reveal all.

In this episode I talk about powerful ad strategies that will help you...

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Showing Up Unapologetically In Your Biz

How does being visible in your business make you feel? Do you find yourself holding back from showing your true, authentic self?

Do you even know what any of that means?

What if I told you your audience only shows up to experience you fully AND that they genuinely want to hear what you have to say in the way that only you say it?

Feeling resistance? That’s because we need to upgrade our outdated beliefs to serve both ourselves and our audience in a more authentic way.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast I am going to help you do just as I talk you through a recent personal journey of my own.

One where I realised the things I’d been told as a child were directly impacting my ability to show up in my biz.

Being unafraid to share your opinions and full truth online can feel exposing but today I’m sharing some tips to move through the resistance and blast those limiting beliefs so that you can show up in whatever way you choose.

Listen to the full episode,...

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