Converting Likes & Lurkers Into Fully Paying Clients

Have you had conversations with people who don't turn into clients? Do you feel sometimes like you've exhausted all avenues to getting paying clients.

Figuring out how people interact and engage with your content and then convert to paying for your service can be tricky. We don't always know who is out there lurking and watching your content and when they will be ready to buy.

Even though we don't always know who is looking at our social media or reading our emails there are ways that we support those people through the journey to become loyal clients. In today's episode I want to discuss one element of your marketing which is turning those like and lurkers into fully paying clients.

Listen to me discuss:

  • why converting people to paying clients is both an art and a science
  • how the client continuum works 
  • the power of coincidence in your marketing
  • how to ensure people do not get stuck at a particular stage of the client continuum
  • the easiest way to get paying clients


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5 Steps To Attracting More Clients And Making More Sales

A lot of advice around growing your wellness business sounds great but seems to have very little practical value. 

Like, goal setting.

You assume that its purpose is to motivate you to build your dream business and achieve your target income over a year.

But what happens when you fail to meet your goals in the very first quarter?

Doesn’t it do the exact opposite of motivating you?

So, does that mean that goal setting is meaningless advice? Or did you just never get told HOW to apply goal setting to your business, and how even failure to meet your goals can arm you with information that will fuel your business growth?

I want you to walk away from this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast with practical, applicable steps to building and growing your wellness business. I want you to know exactly how to use the tools I will be handing you from my own experience.

And the first step to this entrepreneurial journey is to start listening to the episode here.

Inside, I...

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