How To Play A Bigger Game

Have you been coasting? Has it been a while since you made some big moves in your biz and life? Sometimes we think we are making moves and stepping up but often we are spending more time moving sideways rather than forwards.

In this weeks Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast I get vulnerable and reveal where I've been hiding out in my business and share 7 powerful steps that will ensure your growth stays on track and that your personal integrity takes centre stage.

Here's a glance at todays episode:

 Call it out! The first step to playing a bigger game is to identify when you are not and what you keep putting off in your business. Awareness is everything and denial is its nemesis, so what do you keep pushing back that you KNOW could change the game.

Up the personal integrity. Why is it we will do anything not to let other people down but when it comes to sticking to the promises we make ourselves, we are quite happy to bow out. What if we focused on increasing our personal...

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Transitioning Into Entrepreneurship

Running your own business and taking the leap into entrepreneurship can be one of the most exciting and exhilarating times in your life

You think it is all you have ever wanted but are then riddled with feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and imposter syndrome. So how do you transition into becoming your own boss without running for the hills when reality sinks in?

In today's Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast I interview Teresa Brooks, business coach and NLP practitioner, all about the turbulent landscape of the business space and how to navigate it to your advantage.

Here's a glance at todays episode:

How to choose your mentors and influences wisely, and how to avoid getting distracted by superficial wins

What to do when the fear of failure strikes and how to embrace the unknown to ensure your are always choosing growth

 How to find your passion and purpose in life and in business even when you're feeling like you've lost your way

Why taking full responsibility is the key...

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Do You Feel Like A Fake?

Are you constantly feeling like you're going to get found out? Like you don't have the right credentials? Are you constantly searching for validation and becoming somewhat of a course junkie? Knowledge is power, sure, but how do we know when we have enough to become the 'go to' person in our field?

Let me start by saying, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Anyone that has ever pushed themselves outside of their comfort zone has come up against IMPOSTER SYDROME (yes, its that common that it even has a jazzy name) and for so many it totally stunts the growth of their business and, in turn, their life. 

BUT NOT YOU. After listening to today's Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast episode, you will embrace this feeling of uncertainty as the greatest calling to take centre stage and seize this next level of growth.

"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts." Bertrand Russell

Here is a sneak peak into...

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How To Fall In Love With Your Competitors

Have you ever had THE BEST idea, started researching and then lost all faith in it because you found someone or some people doing something similar? Has this ever been the reason you went back to the drawing board and started over?

What about if you're already knee deep in business and hear that someone else has entered the scene? Do you feel threatened? Scared they'll take all your customers? How about angry that they had the audacity to encroach on your territory?

STOP SCROLLING RIGHT NOW! Quit your multi-tasking, and come back to me because I have something extremely important to tell you that could change the destiny of your business and your life, FOREVER.

What if I told you that thinking all these things was a GOOD thing? What if you could actually use this to your advantage - to strengthen your brand, hone in on your business superpowers and create more impact. 

Don't believe me? Then you have got to listen to this weeks Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast ...

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#06: Soul Aligned Selling

When I start talking about selling, what do you think? Do you think you don't sell, can't sell or won't sell? If your nodding then WE HAVE A PROBLEM. In the business of entrepreneurship, if we AREN'T SELLING then all we really have is a hobby (and a pretty expensive one at that).

Today on The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast we are talking about soul aligned selling. I guide you through my step by step process to transform the ickyness and discomfort that so many of us have around selling and show you how to make it THE BEST and most enjoyable part of your business.

For many people in the world of wellness, selling is something we can feel disconnected from and scared to tackle, and as a result our incredible work gets missed by the masses. In this episode, I guide you through the following steps to revolutionise your approach and show you how to tap into a more soul connected, authentic strategy for selling:

 1. Are you trying to sell a service or product that you...

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#05: How To Charge Your Worth

Are you charging your worth for your work? Is there even such a thing? If you have been upleveling in your business and life but are petrified of raising your prices to match, then you need to listen to this weeks podcast with pen and paper at the ready.

The investment your clients make in your services directly correlates to how invested they are in the transformation you offer, but the secret here is, many entrepreneurs have NO IDEA what transformation they are really offering.

Today on The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast we will be talking all about how to charge your worth AND craft the services that honour the incredible transformations you offer your clients. Now, I know the money piece is VERY uncomfortable for many people so in todays episode I guide you through the following steps that will totally shift your approach to how you set your price points, AND leave you feeling empowered by your services and excited to share them with the world.


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#04: Find Your Business Superpower

business podcast superpower Apr 05, 2019

Do you know your business superpower? Would you even know where to look to find it? If the answer is no, then you need to listen to this weeks podcast with pen and paper at the ready.

Your business superpower is the secret sauce to take your business from stressful, slow and a struggle and transform it into exhilarating, exciting and (perhaps most importantly) extremeley PROFITABLE.

Fascinating thing is, most entrepreneurs are actively trying to hide their business superpowers (TOTALLY SUBCONSCIOUSLY) because they don't fit into the conventional mould that their industry abides by. 

It'll come as no surprise to you by now, that if there is a 'conventional industry mould' out there, then i've gone and broken it (and taken great pleasure in doing so) and in todays episode I walk you through the following steps that will change the way you approach your life and business FOR GOOD: 

1. Your differences are your strengths, the exact thing that you desperately try to hide...

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#03: How To Build An Engaged Audience

Whether you have been in business for a while or are just starting out, your audience and community should be at the heart of what you do. I believe that building an engaged audience that grows with you, is the game changer when it comes to creating impact and income in your business.

BUT, a lot of people don't where to start or how to master their message in order for people to stand up and notice them. They feel they are being drowned out by the noisy online space and end up giving up before they have really given it a good shot.

The lure of high 'follower' numbers sees many entrepreneurs drowning in self-doubt and low self-esteem when really its way less about the number and so much more about the engagement. In today's episode I walk you through the steps you need to create an engaged audience that will lead to real relationships and ultimately lifelong customers.

During this episode we cover the following fundamental growth steps that will create massive...

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Quit Playing Small: 6 Steps To Rise Up And Be Seen

facebook live training Mar 11, 2019

OK, so let's set the scene ...

You swing between being so driven and excited about your making your dream a reality to feeling so scared of what others might think that you continue to play small. You know there are people out there far less qualified than you, doing similar things to you and having huge success. So what's keeping you stuck?

In todays LIVE training, I uncover the six blocks that are slowing your expansion and how to overcome them FOR GOOD!

In my career, I spent years playing down my offerings simply because I was so scared that I didn't have what it took. I'm here today to tell you that is BS - everything you need is within you and I'm going to help show you how to uncover it.

"When a great ship is in harbour and moored, it is safe, there is no doubt. But that is not what great ships are built for."

This vid is taken from a Facebook live so if you hear me talking to people, I've not gone mad (well not totally anyway).

Here it is in some nice, simple steps that will...

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Ditch Your Drama, Find Your Dharma


OK, so let's set the scene ...

You think you've figured out your right path but you keep getting sucked into what everyone else is doing and second guessing yourself. This is leading to moving nowhere fast and is killing your inspiration.

The clarity that surrounds your vision is everything and the drama that comes from the lack of it could be putting everything at risk.

That's why I have dedicated an entire LIVE training to this topic and am helping you Ditch Your Drama and Find Your Dharma. If you want to start creating massive shifts in your life and business, you've got to give this a watch. 

This vid is taken from a Facebook live I did today so if you hear me talking to people, I've not gone mad (well not totally anyway).

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you" Maya Angelou

So, as I said in the video, this method works like magic and the BEST part is ... it's all about navigating from a place of joy!

Here it is in some...
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