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[without the endless confusion, crippling overwhelm and the dreaded question 'what do I do next?']

Are you struggling to create the impact and income you desire from your business?

Do you see others in the wellness space creating massive impact in the world and feel a deep inner knowing that you have the potential to do the same?

Have you been trying to start or scale your business for months (or years) but haven't gained any serious traction that inspires you to keep going?

Do you want to get FULLY up to speed on what's working RIGHT NOW (instead of second guessing whether or not the strategies you've been trying are actually working)


If you’re a coach, therapist, teacher or service provider looking to generate more income while creating more leverage in your biz, then you probably already know that you need a profitable roadmap (as unique as you are) to help get you there.

So i'll spare you the sleazy sales pitch.

No need to preach to the choir and convince you of something that's been drilled deep into the entrepreneurial mind.

After all, you probably already KNOW that creating a successful wellness business will be the key to leveraging your time, accelerating your impact and scaling your business to true profitability.

You've likely also heard that the wellness industry is worth roughly $4.2 Trillion Dollars and growing. (source: Global Wellness Institute) 



Even if you're lucky enough to have had some interest in your current services, have some loyal, super fan clients and are making steady progress on your socials  (lucky you) ... having a proven profitable roadmap can:


    Even if you're happy with your current hourly rate, your time is precious and let's face it, no-one can do it quite like you. Creating a business model that allows you to stop exchanging your time for money will fuel your desire to maximise your impact while at the same time supporting a more freedom-based lifestyle.

    This can lead to speaking gigs, collaboration opportunities, book deals and all sorts of exciting possibilities that add new revenue streams to your business.

    See your work creating huge transformation at scale. Fullfilling the reason you began this journey by creating real change in the world and no longer being it's best kept secret.

    Creating community is at the heart of every successful entrepreneur. Community creates consistent client sign-ups, rebooks and referrals (and adds tons of fun to the journey).

    Take back control of your finances. No more burying your head in the sand and wondering when the next decent month is coming. No more hustling for clients. Instead, bring in a predictable and sustainable income that gives you the freedom to work on your business rather than just in it.

Even though the reasons to pursue your dream of building a profitable wellness business are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but.



Perhaps in your bravest moments you've gone all in and made a start.

You've journaled tons of ideas, explored logos, got excited about potential revenue streams and decided that now is your time to make this dream happen.

If you were super committed maybe you have even invested in external help to get your branding or website just right assuring yourself that this would bring you a ton of clients in that vague and ever moving someday.

But even with the best intentions, most wellness entrepreneurs end up continuing to play small or throwing in the towel all together, creating space for competitors to swoop in and steal the show while they watch from the side lines.

Here's why most wellness entrepreneurs continue to play small or throw in the towel entirely. Without a clear, step by step roadmap most wellness entrepreneurs get completely overwhelmed.

They fall prey to paralysing tech blocks (the experts always make it look so easy), endless hours of frustration wondering where their time is best spent (and what will actually get them results) and the constant monkey mind convincing them they don't have what it takes to succeed.

Here is why this is so irreversibly destructive.

As an already busy entrepreneur with clients to serve and new things to learn plus perhaps a day job to attend. You literally can't afford to get sidetracked.

The moment you reach peak overwhelm and confusion while building your business, it becomes almost impossible to recover. Therefore, building a solid foundation from the start that has the capability to scale with ease is crucial to the success and profitability of your wellness business.

Luckily for you, there are very few people out there doing it right. It's most likely your competitors are stuck swimming in that ocean of overwhelm and are just waiting for lady luck to come to the rescue.

This means, even if you are late to the party, there is still a wealth of opportunity waiting for you to convert into a thriving business. That's if you can avoid the deadly business building mistakes your competitors are making.


The 4 Reasons

Why Most Wellness Businesses Fail

(and how to guarantee yours won't)

Reason 1

Time Spent On Unprofitable Tasks

(or worse, time spent on what everyone else seems to be doing)

Building a profitable wellness biz isn't particularly hard or complicated but there are so many moving pieces and potential stumbling blocks along the way.

What social media platform to master, how to get in front of your dream boat clients and how to position and price your knock out service.

These are just some of the questions you will have to navigate along the way. Most wellness entrepreneurs spend their time throwing everything against the wall and hoping that eventually, one day, something will stick.

Thing is, you can't approach building a profitable wellness business as just another plate spinning exercise. It's an immensely strategic and valuable project that when done right can earn you consistent revenue over the course of its lifetime.

Time to respect it for what it is - a LIFE-CHANGING OPPORTUNITY - and approach it accordingly.

Reason 2

Unscalable Business Model

(or worse, no chosen business model at all)

Scaling a wellness business, increasing profits and maximising impact isn't all that hard but getting the business model wrong from the outset can cause so many future failure points. 

Committing to bookings that end up draining your energy and starving your profits, having no time to work on the growth of your business and getting stuck for years in low-priced offers that your clients have come to expect.

These are just some of the ways an unscalable business model can leave you feeling like a slave to your business. Most wellness entrepreneurs convince themselves that if they just work harder, then eventually the tables will turn

Thing is, a profitable wellness business isn't about working harder, it's about working smarter. Leveraging your time so that your greatest business asset (you) can serve more, whilst doing less, is the key to the sustainability of your business and the fulfilment of your life.

Time to decide to get back in the drivers seat and choose a business model that supports your desired lifestyle.

Reason 3

Attracting Wrong Clients

(or worse, not knowing who you are trying to attract all together)

Attracting dreamboat clients isn't difficult but for many wellness entrepreneurs client attraction is the most elusive and infuriating part of building a successful business.

Figuring out who your dreamboats are, where to find them and how to speak their language so you call them in with ease and grace is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to mastering client attraction.

Most wellness entrepreneurs end up convincing themselves that the problem is them rather than their strategy and go on to create excuses as to why they were never destined to succeed.

Truth is, it's impossible to build a profitable and sustainable wellness business without clients. Client attraction is extremely strategic and when mastered can lead to a consistent flow of dreamboat clients ready and excited to pay you for your work.

Time to change the story around client attraction and approach it armed with all the tools necessary to succeed.

Reason 4

Undervaluing Services Or Offers

(or worse, believing you don't get to choose the value of your work)

Being paid well for your offers and services isn't rocket science but the mindset blocks that prevent you from owning your worth keep you playing small.

Obsessing over what others will think of your growth, convincing yourself no-one will pay your new, higher prices and wanting to hide under a rock rather than say that figure out loud.

These are just a fraction of the limiting beliefs you need to overcome. Most wellness entrepreneurs never will because they believe these narratives are truth rather than stories that need upgrading.

Truth is, without the willingness to overcome these limiting beliefs, the profitability and impact of your business will eventually decrease (or stop all together).

Conquering these beliefs and replacing them with infinite possibilities is an intense but wildly rewarding process that unlocks your ability to embark on a trajectory of continued growth.

Time to tackle these limiting mindsets head on and refuse to allow them to stifle the work you have to share with the world.


Shh...I'm going to let you in on a little secret

Even though the wellness industry is one of the largest and quickest growing industries - it's not an evenly distributed one.

A few people take the lion's share, while the rest often move aside.

The main reason for this, as you have probably seen by now, is that while the barriers to entry are relatively LOW ...

... the barriers towards SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATION are fairly high.

But as long as you avoid the biggest failure spots that engulf most wellness entrepreneurs, the path is laid out for you and your profitable wellness business.

One that enables you to access more freedom, create more impact and amplify your income while scaling towards true longevity.

The key to unlock all of this a proven profitable roadmap designed specifically for wellness entrepreneurs.

And with your permission, that's what I'd LOVE to show you how to create.

"I was um-ing and ah-ing whether to take the leap and begin my journey with Kirsty and then at the beginning of the year, feeling very lost and unsure what my purpose was I went for it. It was hands down the best decision I have ever made.

 Through uncovering these pillars I was able to make decisions in both my personal and professional life that have in turn, led me to start forging a career and lifestyle that I am proud and happy of.

I can't believe it has only been a few months and the results I have seen. I have found my purpose, my voice and my confidence to go out and get exactly what I want and make s**t happen on my terms." 



“Before working with Kirsty, I felt such a disconnection to myself, I felt like I was trying to please everyone and giving my energy away to people I had no connection with. I found myself in a circle of obliging and serving and giving nothing back to myself. Not being able to say no was a big problem for me. 

The first session just blew me away. I felt and saw so much clarity. it was extremely powerful. I was able to actually see myself again - strong, committed and happy.

There is something magical in this work, Kirsty is a true pioneer in her field - an Alchemist. I feel honoured and to have worked with her and very blessed to be on the path I am now on."





The Complete Step-By-Step Roadmap To Confidently Start Or Scale A Profitable Wellness Business

I've taken everything I've learned from building multi-award winning, six-figure wellness businesses that have served thousands of clients and channelled it into a comprehensive, step by step roadmap that not only teaches you proven strategies but guides you through the exact IMPLEMENTATION of how you can do the same.


Of course, you'll have the tools and techniques to maximise your growth, but more importantly, you'll have a detailed step-by-step blueprint that leaves no stone unturned and makes no assumptions as you execute it.

The end result: An incredibly profitable, long-term ASSET creating real change in the world and fuelling your ongoing entrepreneurial journey.


is the ONLY program of its kind that…


No fluff, no cookie-cutter formulas and no soul destroying strategies that look enticing from the outside but do nothing but create crippling confusion and lead you straight into overwhelm.


The aligned action necessary to position you as the confident and courageous go-to guide, standing you apart from the other creators in your field.


The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy bridges the gap between implementation and integration. Mindset upgrades alongside biz growth strategy upgrades will ensure you build your profitable wellness business with confidence and courage.

So if you’re ready to finally build a profitable wellness business while avoiding the constant overwhelm and crippling confusion

Here's how we'll help you get there:

Module 1

Create Your Dream Reality / Formulate Your Future Vision

One thing every successful wellness entrepreneur has in common is a clear vision. Without it we leave ourselves open to people pleasing, major comparison and forever second guessing our next move.

Worse still, we can find ourselves knee deep in a business we have created that feels totally misaligned to our values.

In this module you'll identify your core soul values that will drive every future decision you make and ensure your unique business blueprint creates your desired outcome.

Module Highlights:

  • Define your core value pillars using the 'Soul Value System' I've developed to lockdown your future vision.
  • Set your income revenue goals to support your future vision and create your dream work/life balance 
  • Identify your unique energy type to choose a scalable business model that grows as you do.
Module 2

Uncover Your Dharma

The secret to a thriving business that lights you up every single day is establishing your unique zone of genius and curating sell-out services that ensure you ONLY serve from this place.

Once you have gained clarity of vision, the next step is to uncover your dharma and purpose in the world.

Many wellness entrepreneurs struggle with being multi-passionate and worry that in order to succeed they must first learn to sacrifice.

The world and your community need to see the fullest, most multii-dimensional version of you in order for you to create transformation at scale. In this module we ditch the overwhelm and confusion for good and establish how to amplify your unique gifts and show the world who you truly are.

Module Highlights:

  • Extract your business superpowers and define your personal purpose to create a create a clear and consistent message for your audience.
  • Release the identity script of being 'just another' coach, holistic therapist, nutritional therapist, yoga teacher etc and create a new story of success on your terms.
  • Identify and eradicate the limiting beliefs and energetic blocks inhibiting your personal and business growth using my unique and powerful self-mastery practices
Module 3

Call In Your Tribe

With a clear vision and mission in place,  it's now time to call in your people. The clients and community that will become your raving super fans and be walking, talking testimonials of the incredible work you create in the world.

Most wellness entrepreneurs underestimate what it takes to build a loyal and engaging audience but overestimate the time it takes to do it.

Opening a Facebook group and sharing your latest offers on the gram will result in hearing crickets without implementing an aligned strategy to continuously build a rockstar community whose values echo those of you and your services. 

Module Highlights:

  • Exclusive access to my 'Client Journey Framework' to identify exactly how to support your community at varying parts of their journey into your world.
  • Discover your dream boat clients and how to call them in so you have an abundance of clients excited to invest in your work 
  • Take the guess work out of designing sell-out services by implementing strategies that act as a crystal-ball into the hearts and minds of those you serve and what they desire most.
Module 4

Curating Your Signature Service

The most sought-after moment has arrived. Once you have embarked on an intimate and insightful journey with your dream boat clients, it's time to give them EXACTLY what they have been looking for.

As if by magic, you enter as the guide on the side with a signature service that supports the very desire they wish to meet.

Most wellness entrepreneurs agonise over their services and offers, ending up with a vault of half-finished ideas that never made the light of day due to the overwhelming fear of no-one investing in them.

The elusive hallelujah moment of landing on exactly the right offer can seem like a life-time coming but what if there were a formula to help you get there.

You guessed it, in this module we demystifying this process and teach you exactly how to create transformational, client-centered services on demand that are converting into sales before you've even created the sales page.

Module Highlights:

  • Uncover the exact sweet spot between your business superpowers and the greatest desires of your dream boat clients to remove any doubt that you are THE person for them to invest in.
  • Learn how to develop your unique, signature process that establishes you as the go-to guide  in your field  using my 'Signature Service System'
  • Learn how to leverage your signature system to serve your audience at scale and create more freedom in your life and business
Module 5

Elevate Your Impact

Now that your unique signature service is created, it's time to maximise your impact and get to working smarter and not harder.

Here you'll begin to master your bespoke marketing strategy that's directly in alignment with your unique energy blueprint. *No cookie cutter, one-size fits all tactics here.*

Most wellness entrepreneurs dilute there energy by following the herd and end up trying to master every platform at once only to end up exhausted, overwhelmed and believing they just aren't good marketers.

Understanding your strengths and learning how to leverage them with a tailored marketing plan leads to a simple yet wildly successful system that coverts.. 

Module Highlights:

  • Create an irresistible marketing strategy that fills your services with ease and leaves you with boundless energy to serve your clients
  • Access step-by-step tech walkthroughs to master your aligned marketing strategy and overcome any tech hangups.
  • Learn how to raise your vibration and expand your energetic bandwidth using my unique self-mastery practices and amplify your capacity for increased impact and income
Module 6

Magnetic Messaging

Now you are armed with the methodologies and your aligned marketing strategy, it's time to get that megaphone out and share your message.

Most wellness entrepreneurs think this part is all about conveying the details of their service and fighting for airtime with their competitors but they couldn't be more wrong.

Magnetic messaging is totally and completely about your clients and adding regular value to their lives.

Learning to speak their language and dial them in to your content is the secret ingredient to converting the likes and comments into long-standing, super fan clients.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn how to speak your clients language and curate content that converts using the  '80/20 Magnetic Messaging Formula'
  • Access an abundance of content creation ideas that remove the pain staking hours of navel-gazing wondering when the next genius idea will land
  • Learn the golden rules to effectively repurpose content that will cut your content creating hours in half and have you in many places at once.
Module 7

Soul Aligned Selling

With your message mastered and your visibility increasing its time to call in the sale.

It's at this point that most wellness entrepreneurs bow out. With outdated images of sleazy sales tactics filling their mind with dread they end up in an endless cycle of offering value without ever asking for the sale. This results in a totally false belief that no-one wants what they have to offer.

Even if you believe yourself to be allergic to the sales process, during this module we'll uncover how to align your sales process to the exact needs of your clients so that selling feels no more than a value-stacked conversation.

Nailing this module is the icing on the cake to complete this part your clients journey and ensure they are well on their way to the transformation your work provides.

Module Highlights:

  • Overcome the limiting mindsets around 'selling' and replace them with the energetic alignment and powerful actions of service so that you can confidently share your work with the world
  • Mastering my 'Aligned Selling System' teaches you the foundational pillars to sell with soul any place, any time.
  • Rewrite your money story to welcome in your next level of prosperity and access more financial freedom in your life and business.
Module 8 

Magic Behind Momentum

With everything setup for your success it's time to ensure the future growth of your business and your life.

The biggest reason many wellness entrepreneurs lack the ability to generate  sustained growth is because they lack the future foresight needed to maintain consistency.

Rinse and repeat will only get you so far. Understanding the upper limits you will need to navigate and having the tools to continue to expand into your ever growing vision is crucial to the longevity of your business

In this module you'll master both the practical and energetic practices necessary to embark on a continuous and ever-unfolding entrepreneurial journey that enables you to both serve more clients, create more impact in the world and live an aligned lifestyle of freedom and opportunity.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn how to automate and create systems that leverage your time  while you get to work on your next up level
  • Maintain energetic alignment with your future vision to avoid stagnation and ensure continued growth
  • Implement the 3-Step Magic Of Momentum Framework that i've developed and perfected to keep you on track to hit your expanding goals.

Plus, you'll be backed by ...

A Wild, 14 Day Confidence & Clarity Money Back Guarantee

Let me start by saying this.

The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy is the most comprehensive, step-by-step roadmap for wellness entrepreneurs who are excited and COMMITTED about starting or scaling a wellness business.

Our unique alchemy of energy mastery and aligned business strategy alongside our highly-curated community of motivated and supportive members who are building wellness businesses (which you get life-time access to) - sets us apart from the run of the mill, one-size-fits all business course.

Here's the deal ...

By the end of 14 days, you'll have received access to the Rising Rituals as well as the first two modules

Meaning you'll have had time to formulate your future vision and uncover your dharma BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don't feel totally clear and confident on your future vision simply reach out to Natasha at [email protected], show us you have put in the work and we will refund your investment.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Wellness Entrepreneur Academy - £997 Value

  • Bonus 1: Rising Rituals (the exact daily practices I use to amplify my alignment for success) - £150 Value
  • Bonus 2: Unique access to my network and increased visability of your personal brand through personalised 'Founding Member' promotion during the launch period of The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy - £300 value
  • Bonus 3: Life-time access to The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy community including access to collaboration opportunities and super early-bird pricing on courses and events  - £250 Value

Total Value: £1697

When you add it all up, that’s a value of £1697

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for the Early Bird Price of just:

Pay Monthly

6 X Monthly Payments of




Pay Upfront

Early Bird Price



Frequently Asked Questions

Questions our top students asked before enrolling in The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy

I've been there. It's like the chicken and the egg dilema.

A few years back I knew I was missing something fundamental to the growth of my business that I could to learn from others that had gone before me, BUT my lack of growth meant I didn't feel like I could justify the cost.

Eventually, I realised this was just another mindset shift and the truth was, I couldn't afford not to. It was now or never.

I wasn't going to subject myself or my nearest and dearest to the frustrated me that was constantly aligning with the problem instead of taking big, bold, brave steps to align with the solution.

One month after that decision, I doubled my income and the rest is history.

The thing I know to be true in my own life, is the belief that I can't afford something has very little to do with the price point (within reason) but a lot to do with what I believe to be a priority and what I am no longer willing to compromise on.

Little break with the family, sure. Spruce up of our home, go for it. Spending money on ME and MY dreams and future goals, very different story!

Perhaps this is the first time you've invested in YOU and that feels massively scary and daunting? If you're inwardly nodding right now then GREAT because as we all know, it's on the other side of fear that the real magic happens.

Plus, we have a 6 month payment plan option to allow you to slowly stretch outside of that comfort zone and give yourself the opportunity you deserve to radiate your brilliance into the world.

Truth is, you may NEVER feel ready and taking action before you have all your ducks in a row is one of the key differentiators between wildly successful entrepreneurs and those who constantly wait for the elusive 'some day' moment to arrive.

Let me ask you this, how much time are you willing to wait to finally start living a life on your terms? 

6 months from now you could be sat right where you are now, still struggling, still confused and still convinced you don't have what it takes to build a profitable wellness business, OR you  could be well on your way to running the business of your dreams, creating huge impact in your field and turning a profit that supports the freedom-based lifestyle you and your family desire.

Plus, the life-time access you get when you join The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy means you get to choose the pace while getting exactly the right support to ensure your success.

Well then, it's just as well you have me on your team, isn't it.

As a self confessed tech geek that loves nothing more than mastering the latest tech trends, i'll be your guide on the side every step of the way. 

I've been told I have an unusual (I'm taking that as a compliment), fun and simple way of taking overcomplicated nerdy shizz and making it super accesible and exciting.

Plus, this course has been curated to solve these exact problems becuase I beleive your work has the ability to change lives and leave a lasting legacy and nothing should be allowed get in the way of that. 

The lifetime access you get to all the content within The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy (plus updates) means you can revisit as often as necessary as your business grows.

Our unique alchemy or Energy Mastery and Aligned Business Strategy sets us apart from anyone else on the market.

Most courses/coaches fail to understand the unique brilliance of each and every one of their students and therefore offer strategies that are not aligned to each member.

The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy leads with alignment - meaning your personal growth is not separated from the growth of your business ensuring sustained success of your business and your life (plus amplification tools you can use for life).

I'm so glad you asked! Energy mastery is about becoming the master of YOU.

Understanding your current energetic projections enables you to understanding your current life experience and allows you to adjust accordingly.

We know that simply understanding new skills at a cognitive level isn't always enough, but that embodying these new learnings is essential if we are to curate  our future dream reality.

We work on mindset, energetic and emotional upgrades to activate the bandwidth necessary for your next level of success. 

Yes, there will be weekly live coaching calls with me to answer all the questions you have related to your specific business.

The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy modules are drip-fed weekly apart from the weeks that are dedicated to integration.

The course schedule has been designed to deliver the perfect balance of implementation and integration to achieve maximum, sustained results.

I LOVE this. It's so important to get the support of those closest to you when you decide to go all in on your business.

We have no doubt they'll encourage your decision to learn from somebody who has gone before you and has had proven results and knows what's working now rather than wasting time and money on the confusion of what you should or shouldn't do in their business. 

The price of the course does increase as we transition out of the early-bird stages of the launch but our '14 Day Confidence & Clarity Money Back Guarantee' means you have two whole weeks to receive a full refund if you have a change of heart.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy - £997 Value

  • Bonus 1: Rising Rituals (the exact daily practices I use to amplify my alignment for success) - £150 Value
  • Bonus 2: Unique access to my network and increased visability of your personal brand through personalised 'Founding Member' promotion during the launch period of The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy - £300 value
  • Bonus 3: Life-time access to The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy community including access to collaboration opportunities and super early-bird pricing on courses and events  - £250 Value

Total Value: £1697

When you add it all up, that’s a value of £1697

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for the Early Bird Price of just:

Pay Monthly

6 X Monthly Payments of




Pay Upfront

Early Bird Price



The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You're just starting out and are determined to start as you mean to go on by using only the most powerful, easy-to-follow, 'what's working now' wellness biz growth strategies. 
  2. You've been knee-deep in the business building trenches for months (or years) but haven't seen the traction you had hoped for... and the progress you have made has seen you massively undervaluing your services and struggling to find a healthy work/life balance.
  3. You posses the rebellious entrepreneurial nature required to dare to do things differently. Blending in is not your style and putting the necessary work in to establish yourself as THE go-to guide in your niche leaves you saying 'bring it on!'
  4. You have no problem investing a couple of hours per week as long as you know that every bit of energy you invest is a strategic and meaningful step forward in owning a profitable and sustainable wellness business.
  5. In fact, you're ALREADY investing time and energy doing things like writing epic blog posts, dropping truth bombs on social media and other things you keep hearing 'need' to be done. Only problem is, without a clear roadmap that ties it all together, you've recieved nothing but discouraging "why the heck do I even bother" results, followed by crippling overwhelm around what to do next.
  6. You care about what's working in 2019, 2020 and beyond. You get skeptical when others start reeling off business building advice that may have worked for them back in 2017 when the rules of the game were different and the world was less noisy. That's why you value how The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy teaches you how to use the most powerful, up-to-date strategies 
  7. Playing small in your life is no longer an option and you are ready to raise your visibility and have people take notice of your work. You're aware of all the profitable doors that will open once your business gets noticed and are doubly excited for extra visibility before we even get started by being featured on our socials during The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy launch.
  8. You are ready to go all in on your personal growth as much as your business growth and learn our unique alchemy of energy mastery and aligned business strategy whilst joining our highly-curated community of motivated and supportive members who are also building rockstar wellness businesses whilst together expanding into your highest potential.

Did you catch yourself nodding your head?

If you said “yes” to at least 5 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy - £997 Value

  • Bonus 1: Rising Rituals (the exact daily practices I use to amplify my alignment for success) - £150 Value
  • Bonus 2: Unique access to my network and increased visability of your personal brand through personalised 'Founding Member' promotion during the launch period of The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy - £300 value
  • Bonus 3: Life-time access to The Wellness Entrepreneur Academy community including access to collaboration opportunities and super early-bird pricing on courses and events  - £250 Value

Total Value: £1697

When you add it all up, that’s a value of £1697

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for the Early Bird Price of just:

Payment Monthly

6 X Monthly Payments of




Payment Upfront

Early Bird Price



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