How to Set Goals You Won’t Give Up On

Every new year, we create a list of goals in our hearts and journals. We envision that somehow in the next twelve months, we will fulfil a dream or a business milestone.

But most of us do this without proper goal setting.

Which means that four months later, by the end of April, the majority of people have made very little progress towards achieving their dreams.

They are beginning to write off 2022, just as they gave up on the years before.

I’m sure you’re familiar with this pattern of behaviour, since all of us have experienced it in our lives.

You decide on working towards a dream at the start of the year, but somehow within a few months, you find yourself sidetracked.

You haven’t forgotten your dream but you have become overwhelmed.

It’s almost easier to tell yourself that you’ll start afresh again next year.

But this pushes your dream further down the path and delays milestones you could be reaching sooner.

Which is why in this episode of The...

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The Art Of Soulful Selling With Lynsey Grace

Selling is supposed to equal lying, manipulation, and selfishness - the antithesis of everything we value in wellness. 

This is why most of us struggle to be at peace with selling our services. It always feels wrong and in conflict with our core beliefs.

But what if I told you that the traditional view of selling is not just wrong, it’s utterly ineffective.

What if I told you that you couldn’t sell anything if you were lying or trying to manipulate your clients? 

The best salespeople lead with human connections and empathy.

Authenticity and the ability to humbly learn from rejections is how successful wellness businesses are built. 

To prove my point, Lynsey Grace joins me in today’s episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast. She is a “Soulful Selling” mindset coach who works with entrepreneurs to help them find the courage and confidence to make more sales without leaving integrity at the door.

Inside the episode, I find out why...

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Why Playing Small Is the Riskiest Choice Of All

Starting a business is often said to be the biggest risk a person can take.

We fear this failure more because we have to fight so hard to start. We have to convince our family, our friends, but most importantly, ourselves that we can be successful.

And once we start, there are new risks at every corner.

But there’s something that I have realised in my twelve years of running several businesses - we have long misunderstood what true risk is.

Truth is - NOT starting my business at 23 would have been the greatest risk for me.

Turning away from a path that has led me to where I am now and never having given this version of me a shot, would have been the riskiest choice of all.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I want to talk about taking risks and how to overcome what is stopping you.

We start by identifying what is a real risk to you, and which choices you can happily leave behind.

Jump inside and I will guide you through your personal risk-assessment:


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Taking Radical Responsibility In Your Business

Every entrepreneur faces stagnation at some point.

They watch their peers and competitors soaring in their own businesses and can’t figure out why they are the ones stuck.

A recent breakthrough with a client made me realise that this stagnation can come at any stage for a business owner - whether you’re just starting out or have several years under your belt.

You know that you want to change things and reach new heights, yet you find yourself ducking all new experiences.

You sign up for courses and decide on new habits you want to master, but then you don’t show up for the classes and you forget to practice the habits after a while.

“Why can’t I finish this?” you ask yourself. Because you know that it would help your business, help your life, but an invisible hand seems to stop you.

After witnessing how my client solidified her desire to finally make changes and then acted upon it, I examined my own life.

And I found an area where I have fallen...

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A Client's Journey: From Finding You to Buying From You

How does a client go from finding you on social media to signing up for your stellar offer or service?

Do you know the exact path they take from the beginning to the end and what obstacles might derail them completely on route?

Entrepreneurs often focus entirely on building their social presence, and forget to think about the next steps in guiding new clients to a sale. This can lose you sales and rid clients of the opportunity to access that much needed transformation - both of which can be avoided with the right steps.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I show you how to map out a seamless and profitable client journey and reveal exactly how I remove friction from the path, so they can land on the final offer in the most potent way possible. 

Come with me as I deep dive into this fascinating aspect of business building as we explore

- Should you be focusing on just one social platform?

- Why you should reverse engineer your client’s journey

- How...

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Entrepreneurship In Your Second Spring With Polly Warren

Women are realising that they’ve been lied to.

It’s a lie that society has fed us every day of our lives. It tells us that as women age, they are no longer worth paying attention to.

And then we enter our 40s or 50s and suddenly face the onset of the ‘dreaded’ menopause. Our body and mind changes in ways we don’t understand - because no one talks about it.

This is where Polly Warren found herself at 40. Usually capable of managing a household of three children and her job as a primary school teacher with ease, she suddenly found herself anxious, tired, forgetting simple tasks, and unsure of her own moods.

It took Polly 4 years of suffering in silence until she discovered the reason behind her struggles and began to heal. And once she understood how many women faced the same problems as her, with no guidance and no one to talk to, she knew this was something she could help with.

In today’s episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I ask Polly...

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Learning the Business of Wellness With Gill Burrows

For many, wellness is their second (third or fourth) career.

Born from a feeling that somewhere out there was a better fit for our experience and skills than what we were doing before.

But many find their passion and curiosity isn’t enough when it comes to turning their wellness tools into a business.

We worry about the financial consequences of leaving our jobs. We worry about what our friends and family might say. We worry we might not have what it takes.

In her 50s, Gill Burrows was staring at the same wall of objections, deciding whether it was worth it to change her career for a second time in a decade.

But something deep inside her spoke quite clearly. And within days of realising that she really, really wanted this change, things began to line up for her.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak with the amazing Gill - founder of Life and Soul Wellness - about her journey from the corporate world to owning her own business despite every obstacle...

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How Much Free Content is Too Much?

The idea of creating free content to establish yourself as an authority in your field and get found by potential clients, is nothing new.

But when you’re spending hours each week, pushing out value through your blog, podcast or social media, an anxious question might pop up in your mind.

How do you know when you’re giving away too much for free?

At what point have you created so much free content that you end up making your paid services redundant?

In today’s episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I will explain why this is the wrong question to ask. 

When you’re creating value for free, you’re speaking to everyone. When you’re working with a paying client, you are speaking to their very specific pain points.

This is the reason I strongly believe that you never have to fear free content. When you’re showing up consistently, at your own pace, on a platform of your choice, it helps build relationships and creates a brand your...

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The Entrepreneural ADHD Mind With Chelsea Uithoven

Is there anything more satisfying than helping your clients feel seen?

Truly understood for who they are?

As wellness entrepreneurs, we are often very open about our own struggles because we know how valuable it can be to our clients.

Hearing about how someone else identified patterns in their own life and connected it to a core issue they hadn’t addressed before can be life changing to us.

When Wellness Coach, Chelsea Uithoven, got diagnosed with ADHD at 30, she found a whole new way to connect with her clients.

Many women who worked with Chelsea before had a hard time creating and maintaining healthy food habits.

Chelsea understood these problems, because she had spent a lifetime struggling with sticking to habits too. But until her diagnosis, she didn’t know why she struggled or how to help her clients who did.

In today’s episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur, Chelsea tells us about how her ADHD diagnosis changed her life and her business, and why women with...

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Live Launch Debrief

A launch is a massive event in a business owner’s calendar.

It seems to take over every part of their life. And it’s very hard to keep a clear vision through this time.

So, most entrepreneurs end up struggling to see the full picture and correctly measure the success of their launch.

To help you avoid this confusion, I had previously set down my 7 Steps to a post-launch debrief that clears the fog from your head and helps you measure your performance in a constructive way.

Now, in case you missed it, I have just concluded my most successful launch of the Collective membership.

I welcomed more members into the membership this time than ever before.

But I still do a debrief of my launch, because this exercise is not just to measure success and failure – its primary purpose is to find strengths and weaknesses in your launch campaign, so you can do even better next time!

So, join me in this special episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, where I go over a...

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