Why You Should Take That Break You've Been Avoiding

How often have you pushed back a holiday or short break because you were afraid to disappoint your clients?

I remember how crushed I used to feel when a client would react badly to my taking some time off.

This was years ago, before I reduced my one-to-one clients to a select handful.

Yet, that feeling of dread every time I needed a break is still fresh in my mind.

So, when a team member needed to push back a masterclass inside my membership last week, I knew exactly what she was experiencing.

And a small part of me felt that fear too.

But the members of The Collective proved once again how incredibly valuable finding the right community for your business is.

They were immensely supportive, but what was even better, they were encouraged to see that my team could take a break when they really needed it.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I want to talk about the importance of being your honest, human self instead of an unhealthy ideal. Your clients want to work with someone who understands their own boundaries and can communicate it effectively. That is the model of a wellness entrepreneur they seek.

So, tune in to hear my takeaways from the past week:

- when you allow yourself to take a necessary break, it shows your community that it’s okay for them to do the same

- we must be willing to get uncomfortable and communicate honestly with our clients

- getting to know yourself is a lifelong process and must be prioritised alongside your business

- if one negative feedback feels like a catastrophe, you’re too zoomed in and not seeing the larger vision

- it’s important to cultivate the certainty that you’re the right person for the job

When we pursue perfection every day, we start feeling like our next human moment would be the end of all we’ve built.

This belief causes us to push ourselves till we burn out, and like a self fulfilling prophecy, annihilates any chance of us accessing the success we were meant to achieve.

So step back and honour your human need to rest and recuperate when you need it. Your business and your clients will thrive through this choice.

Listen to the full episode, and then drop into my insta DMs. I want to know if you’re ready to graduate out of the old model and help your business grow.


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