How to Set Goals You Won’t Give Up On

Every new year, we create a list of goals in our hearts and journals. We envision that somehow in the next twelve months, we will fulfil a dream or a business milestone.

But most of us do this without proper goal setting.

Which means that four months later, by the end of April, the majority of people have made very little progress towards achieving their dreams.

They are beginning to write off 2022, just as they gave up on the years before.

I’m sure you’re familiar with this pattern of behaviour, since all of us have experienced it in our lives.

You decide on working towards a dream at the start of the year, but somehow within a few months, you find yourself sidetracked.

You haven’t forgotten your dream but you have become overwhelmed.

It’s almost easier to tell yourself that you’ll start afresh again next year.

But this pushes your dream further down the path and delays milestones you could be reaching sooner.

Which is why in this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur, I bring you my own guide to goal setting - the simple steps that help me clarify the goals I want to achieve and the steps I have to take to get to my destination within a practical time frame.

This is how I battle the overwhelm and resist giving up.

Listen in as I talk about:

- the importance of celebrating past wins and identifying past mistakes 

- differentiating goals driven by your own values from those thrust on you by society

- my 3/3/3 method to setting tangible and manageable goals

- breaking down the journey to your target, so you know every step to take

- how goal setting helps reveal and fill up gaps in your knowledge

Setting large goals in life is a great way to push yourself forward. But without a clear plan, it’s easy to falter to a stop and wonder if the dream is too big to ever be realised.

2022 may be the year you want to reach a new financial goal or achieve the next social media milestone. Yes, it’s April and perhaps your progress hasn’t been everything you wanted, but once you set your goals by following my steps, you’ll find yourself making measurable and substantial progress much sooner than you hoped.

Listen to the full episode, and remember to come into my Insta DMs and tell me which goals you want to achieve by end of 2022.





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