The Single Biggest Flaw Of Wellness Businesses (And How to Fix It)

The traditional wellness industry business model is broken. 

No matter which modality you’ve trained in, once you step out into the world and set up shop, you’ll soon have the realisation I did.

There’s something glaringly wrong with how you’ve been told to do business in this industry.

It’s likely your training never really covered any skills in business - you were probably vaguely told to start attracting clients and begin working with them one-to-one.

That when you’re fully booked with a long waitlist, you’ll know that you’ve succeeded.

But is that really true?

I found myself in that coveted position early on in my career. But instead of being happy, I was exhausted. My every available hour was taken up by direct client work. 

I couldn’t even dream of scaling my business. How could I, when there was just one of me and time was limited?

And then I figured out what the problem was. 

I had bought into our...

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