Walking Away From Unhealthy Goals With Isla McLachlan

Could you walk away from a career you had dreamt about since you were fourteen?

What if you spent years studying and pushing yourself with that one goal in mind, and then noticed that your entire body was telling you to stop?

Many in this industry have found their true calling in wellness after experimenting with other paths, but Isla McLachlan chose to leave her career in law just as she was starting out.

After forcing herself to work past her limits for years, she finally realised that she couldn’t thrive in an environment that didn’t support her mental health.

But the path from barrister to wellness coach wasn’t easy.

Isla battled her own doubts and her family’s concern. Then, within a short period of starting her business, she was diagnosed with PTSD.

So, in this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak with Isla about her journey since giving up the certainty of a career in law to help others find a safe and comfortable space to explore their emotions and begin their healing journeys.

She is a holistic healing facilitator, a hypnotherapist, a breath worker, a sexuality coach, and an LGBTQ+ mentor.

Listen to the full episode, where we discuss:

- how learning about her neurodivergence push herself harder to succeed at a conventional career

- what convinced Isla to finally leave her career in law

- why it’s important to find a work environment that supports your mental health 

- how breathwork helps you to work through emotions safely

- how taking a break from social media can help you be more present for your clients

Isla is still learning how  to pause when she finds herself overworking or driving herself too hard.

Despite valuing social media for the exposure it gives her business, Isla strongly believes that we should have clear boundaries in the online space.

Instead of chasing consistency in our online content at the cost of our mental health, she suggests we prioritise our wellbeing and model this mindset for our clients.

Listen to this episode and then drop into my Insta DMs. Have you ever struggled with your choice to start a career in wellness? What convinced your to take the jump?


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