I Launched A Freakin' FESTIVAL

Do you have an idea so big that you’re afraid to think you can ever make it happen?

You know it will push you outside your comfort zone and force you into spaces and situations you’re completely unfamiliar with. 

You’re afraid you’ll drown and sink the whole project with you.

Yet in the last few months that’s exactly what I’ve done to myself.

I have faced down every fear and hesitation I had about launching my own retreat style festival, about collaborating with a co-founder with their own vision, about learning a whole new set of skills to make it all happen.

So, in this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, let me tell you how it all began. 

How my initial idea for a festival for wellness entrepreneurs blended with my colleague’s vision of making this industry a warm and inclusive space for the LGBTQ community and became the incredible festival we just co-launched.

Listen to the full episode where I recount:

- the fears that nearly kept me from collaborating with my cofounder

- learning entirely new communication skills to blend our unique visions

- realising that there is an uncharted territory of ideas and services that I’ve never explored

- figuring out a realistic timeline to make this project happen

- focusing on crafting a personalised journey for every attendee 

My big idea became a reality when I allowed myself to open up to new experiences and a collaboration that elevated the whole concept.

That’s exactly the opportunity I wanted to create for everyone who attends the festival.

So from the moment you step inside, all your energies will only be focused on developing your own big idea, while we surround you with tools, resources, and opportunities for your own collaborations.  

If listening to this episode made you think of ways you want to bring your own vision to life, drop into my Insta DM and tell me all about it.


GET YOUR TICKET TO THE WELLNESS REVOLUTION FESTIVAL: https://www.wellnessrevolutionfestival.com



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