The Art Of Soulful Selling With Lynsey Grace

Selling is supposed to equal lying, manipulation, and selfishness - the antithesis of everything we value in wellness. 

This is why most of us struggle to be at peace with selling our services. It always feels wrong and in conflict with our core beliefs.

But what if I told you that the traditional view of selling is not just wrong, it’s utterly ineffective.

What if I told you that you couldn’t sell anything if you were lying or trying to manipulate your clients? 

The best salespeople lead with human connections and empathy.

Authenticity and the ability to humbly learn from rejections is how successful wellness businesses are built. 

To prove my point, Lynsey Grace joins me in today’s episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast. She is a “Soulful Selling” mindset coach who works with entrepreneurs to help them find the courage and confidence to make more sales without leaving integrity at the door.

Inside the episode, I find out why...

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