Self-Sabotage: 6 Steps To Break The Pattern and Conquer Your Goals!

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2019

Ok, so let's set the scene ...

You've had tons of ideas but nothing is really taking off? You know what you want ... more money, more confidence or more validation but nothing seems to be working?

It's almost like you can smell it, feel it, taste it and touch it but it is JUST out of reach? I've been there ladies, I know what it's like to keep pushing and trying but nothing seems to be changing.

Luckily though, that's not me anymore and I know EXACTLY how to shift it. 

In today's video I share with you my winning formula to ditch self-sabotage and conquer your goals. This vid is taken from a Facebook live I did today so if you hear me talking to people, I've not gone mad (well not totally anyway).

So, as I said in the video, you need to arm yourself with this winning formula so you can implement it EVERY time the self-doubt creeps in.

Here it is in some nice, simple steps that can change the game:

  1. Call it out! Identify the self-sabotaging behaviour and dig deep. Identify the...
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