How Much Free Content is Too Much?

The idea of creating free content to establish yourself as an authority in your field and get found by potential clients, is nothing new.

But when you’re spending hours each week, pushing out value through your blog, podcast or social media, an anxious question might pop up in your mind.

How do you know when you’re giving away too much for free?

At what point have you created so much free content that you end up making your paid services redundant?

In today’s episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I will explain why this is the wrong question to ask. 

When you’re creating value for free, you’re speaking to everyone. When you’re working with a paying client, you are speaking to their very specific pain points.

This is the reason I strongly believe that you never have to fear free content. When you’re showing up consistently, at your own pace, on a platform of your choice, it helps build relationships and creates a brand your...

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The Entrepreneural ADHD Mind With Chelsea Uithoven

Is there anything more satisfying than helping your clients feel seen?

Truly understood for who they are?

As wellness entrepreneurs, we are often very open about our own struggles because we know how valuable it can be to our clients.

Hearing about how someone else identified patterns in their own life and connected it to a core issue they hadn’t addressed before can be life changing to us.

When Wellness Coach, Chelsea Uithoven, got diagnosed with ADHD at 30, she found a whole new way to connect with her clients.

Many women who worked with Chelsea before had a hard time creating and maintaining healthy food habits.

Chelsea understood these problems, because she had spent a lifetime struggling with sticking to habits too. But until her diagnosis, she didn’t know why she struggled or how to help her clients who did.

In today’s episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur, Chelsea tells us about how her ADHD diagnosis changed her life and her business, and why women with...

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Live Launch Debrief

A launch is a massive event in a business owner’s calendar.

It seems to take over every part of their life. And it’s very hard to keep a clear vision through this time.

So, most entrepreneurs end up struggling to see the full picture and correctly measure the success of their launch.

To help you avoid this confusion, I had previously set down my 7 Steps to a post-launch debrief that clears the fog from your head and helps you measure your performance in a constructive way.

Now, in case you missed it, I have just concluded my most successful launch of the Collective membership.

I welcomed more members into the membership this time than ever before.

But I still do a debrief of my launch, because this exercise is not just to measure success and failure – its primary purpose is to find strengths and weaknesses in your launch campaign, so you can do even better next time!

So, join me in this special episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, where I go over a...

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5 Steps To Attracting More Clients And Making More Sales

A lot of advice around growing your wellness business sounds great but seems to have very little practical value. 

Like, goal setting.

You assume that its purpose is to motivate you to build your dream business and achieve your target income over a year.

But what happens when you fail to meet your goals in the very first quarter?

Doesn’t it do the exact opposite of motivating you?

So, does that mean that goal setting is meaningless advice? Or did you just never get told HOW to apply goal setting to your business, and how even failure to meet your goals can arm you with information that will fuel your business growth?

I want you to walk away from this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast with practical, applicable steps to building and growing your wellness business. I want you to know exactly how to use the tools I will be handing you from my own experience.

And the first step to this entrepreneurial journey is to start listening to the episode here.

Inside, I...

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How to Create a Profitable Sales Page With Aja Stuart

Can you write persuasive sales copy without being pushy or manipulative? 

Is it possible for wellness entrepreneurs to create their own sales page without spending a fortune in marketing from the very beginning?

The answer to both is a resounding yes, and to back up my claims, I have a special guest on today’s episode who has created the ultimate sales copy formula that will help you sell your offer with ease.

Aja Stuart, who just held a masterclass on sales pages inside The Collective, also reveals how she revamped my own sales page to help make my offer stronger.

In today’s episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I bring up the one task every wellness business owner fears - writing a long page of interesting text for their sales page.

It’s the necessary evil we all procrastinate on because all of us are afraid to sound too salesy or mean when we point out how our offer can relieve our clients’ pain points. 

Which is why this episode is...

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8 Ways To Fall In Love With Sales

Don’t let your work become the world's best kept secret! 

The biggest obstacle to landing a sale for most wellness entrepreneurs is talking about their offer. 

You see, your clients can’t buy from you if they don’t know what you are selling. 

Sounds obvious, right? 

Yet the moment you think about posting about your service on social media or talking to a potential client about your work, a part of you hunkers down in defence. 

You don’t like selling and you just want to get it over with.

Helping my clients overcome this aversion to sales is a big part of my job. So, in this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I will show you 8 ways to finally stop hating this part of your business and exactly how you can actually fall in love with sales.

Yes, this is 100% possible when you know the right way to sell!

Most of the time, Wellness business owners develop an apathy for selling because they go about it in a way that devalues their...

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16 Ways To Create More Sales In Your Wellness Business TODAY

You’re working hard on your business every day but don’t see the sales to match.

What’s going wrong?

I believe great sales are the result of long term strategies that are implemented simply but consistently over time. 

Last November was my best month in sales. Yet it was also the month when I had taken weeks off to heal after a surgery.

Like the self-confessed nerd that I am, this got me figuring out exactly why and how this had happened.

And in this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I reveal my findings and share 16 ways you can put your business on the path to consistent growth and skyrocketing sales in 2022. 

Some of the methods I outline inside cover:

- being present in the right spaces 

- involving your most invested clients and audience in building new offers

- building your immunity to rejections

- clearly and repeatedly positioning your offer

- identifying and tracking warm leads

See this episode as my New Year’s gift to...

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How To Conduct Your End Of Year Business Reflections

At the start of every year, we decide on our resolutions, but a few days later, they’ve mostly faded from our minds, and we are still doing the same things we had been the year before.

This is why instead of relying on well intentioned resolutions, I like looking back at the year that’s just ended and making precise notes on what worked and what didn’t, and how I can leverage both to make the next year even better!

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, you must join me, as I reflect back on my 2021 and set a fresh path for my business in 2022.  

I will guide you through this end of the year business reflection, so you can come out with a deep, objective appreciation for your own strength, creativity, and success, and feel ready to take on the next year.

Here are the five questions we explore within todays episode:

- What resistance did you face this year and how did it help you evolve?

- What positive impact did you have on others this year?


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2022 Health And Wellness Business Trends


The wellness world has been embraced widely in the last two years, as (finally!) more people have felt the need to holistically care for themselves and those around them.

As a result our clients and potential clients  are better informed and more ready and willing then ever to invest in themselves. 

Even the corporate world has understood the importance of providing access to wellness for their employees.

We’ve seen our industry shift online out of necessity but so many are now reaping the rewards of this as we’re reaching people we never expected to before.

All of this means that the wellness industry has changed in a way none of us could have predicted pre apocalypse. And as we start a new year, it’s important we understand how to adapt to these shifts and serve our customers in a way that helps them best.

So, in this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I bring you the top 10 trends that will inform our wellness business decisions in...

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From Patient to Practitioner With Carelle Rose


There is more than one path to a successful life. 

Perhaps you’ve had a dream career in mind that never came to be, but there’s a good chance that your journey towards that dream has put you on a path to an even better life (and business!)

As entrepreneurs we are constantly comparing and judging our success against some socially acceptable ideal target. But as wellness entrepreneurs, part of our job is to embody a more balanced and authentic version of success.

In today’s episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak to Collective Member of the Month, Carelle Rose, a Gua Sha therapist, Face Yoga instructor, and Reflexologist. 

I wanted to know about her journey as an aspiring singer, her struggles with severe allergies and exactly how wellness entered her life as a salve which ultimately led to her finding her true calling. 

We chat about:

- her battle with years of treatment and the anxiety it caused

- how reflexology helped her feel in...

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