Taking Radical Responsibility In Your Business

Every entrepreneur faces stagnation at some point.

They watch their peers and competitors soaring in their own businesses and can’t figure out why they are the ones stuck.

A recent breakthrough with a client made me realise that this stagnation can come at any stage for a business owner - whether you’re just starting out or have several years under your belt.

You know that you want to change things and reach new heights, yet you find yourself ducking all new experiences.

You sign up for courses and decide on new habits you want to master, but then you don’t show up for the classes and you forget to practice the habits after a while.

“Why can’t I finish this?” you ask yourself. Because you know that it would help your business, help your life, but an invisible hand seems to stop you.

After witnessing how my client solidified her desire to finally make changes and then acted upon it, I examined my own life.

And I found an area where I have fallen into the same trap of stagnation that plagues so many new entrepreneurs who are ready to build the business they want but feel helplessly stuck.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I will take you through the steps I use to help me break out of this state of mind.

These 7 steps are critical to understanding the reason your business has stagnated and how to methodically push yourself towards the life you want.

Inside we cover:

- the need to vocalise the change you seek

- getting a bird’s eye view of the obstacles keeping you stuck

- making sure your “yes” and “no”s are leading to the life you want for yourself

- understanding that some old priorities no longer work for you

- why you must resist the urge to retreat when uncomfortable

With every change you want to bring into your life, you will first have to battle tremendous discomfort. This is what makes most people give up on their desired life. They stay where they are, because it feels familiar and safe. But you have to push through that stage, and these seven steps will guide you on your way.

After listening to the episode, remember to come into my Insta DMs and tell me where you’re feeling stuck in your life or business.


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