How to Create a Profitable Sales Page With Aja Stuart

Can you write persuasive sales copy without being pushy or manipulative? 

Is it possible for wellness entrepreneurs to create their own sales page without spending a fortune in marketing from the very beginning?

The answer to both is a resounding yes, and to back up my claims, I have a special guest on today’s episode who has created the ultimate sales copy formula that will help you sell your offer with ease.

Aja Stuart, who just held a masterclass on sales pages inside The Collective, also reveals how she revamped my own sales page to help make my offer stronger.

In today’s episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I bring up the one task every wellness business owner fears - writing a long page of interesting text for their sales page.

It’s the necessary evil we all procrastinate on because all of us are afraid to sound too salesy or mean when we point out how our offer can relieve our clients’ pain points. 

Which is why this episode is mandatory listening for all ethical entrepreneurs!

There is a way to write sales copy without breaking your moral code. And the first step to that is understanding what your audience gains from reading your sales page.

Inside the episode, we explore:

- why wellness entrepreneurs are uniquely suited to writing their own sales copy

- why conversational language is more effective and relatable

- the difference between a sales page and a web page

- why you must create an agitation section that highlights the core problems your clients face

- how all great sales pages have an organic flow that persuades the reader

Once we understand that selling is a part of serving our clients, it’s easier to accept the need and benefits of a great sales page. 

This episode will give you foundational knowledge of exactly how to create sales copy that converts. So, once you’ve listened to it here, remember to drop into my DMs to let me know if you’re feeling ready to write your own page.




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