Learning the Business of Wellness With Gill Burrows

For many, wellness is their second (third or fourth) career.

Born from a feeling that somewhere out there was a better fit for our experience and skills than what we were doing before.

But many find their passion and curiosity isn’t enough when it comes to turning their wellness tools into a business.

We worry about the financial consequences of leaving our jobs. We worry about what our friends and family might say. We worry we might not have what it takes.

In her 50s, Gill Burrows was staring at the same wall of objections, deciding whether it was worth it to change her career for a second time in a decade.

But something deep inside her spoke quite clearly. And within days of realising that she really, really wanted this change, things began to line up for her.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak with the amazing Gill - founder of Life and Soul Wellness - about her journey from the corporate world to owning her own business despite every obstacle thrown her way.

It was not a smooth journey at all, and inside the episode, she tells us:

- Why she couldn’t walk away from wellness once she had a taste

- How she gave up a secure job to take a chance with someone who asked the right question

- Why her career as a counsellor was not considered wellness at the time

- How setting up systems and support is crucial to building a business

- Why the industry doesn’t prepare new business owners for the steep learning curve ahead of them

Gill feels strongly that she must model a life full of purpose, not just for her own fulfilment but as proof of what’s possible for her daughter. At no point should you believe that you are stuck - in a job or in other aspects of life.

So, she took on a path full of new challenges and became an example of the wellness she wants to teach.

Listen to her full journey here.

And if you’re feeling buried under the new experience of building a wellness business, drop into my insta DMs and tell me what is overwhelming you.


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