Entrepreneurship In Your Second Spring With Polly Warren

Women are realising that they’ve been lied to.

It’s a lie that society has fed us every day of our lives. It tells us that as women age, they are no longer worth paying attention to.

And then we enter our 40s or 50s and suddenly face the onset of the ‘dreaded’ menopause. Our body and mind changes in ways we don’t understand - because no one talks about it.

This is where Polly Warren found herself at 40. Usually capable of managing a household of three children and her job as a primary school teacher with ease, she suddenly found herself anxious, tired, forgetting simple tasks, and unsure of her own moods.

It took Polly 4 years of suffering in silence until she discovered the reason behind her struggles and began to heal. And once she understood how many women faced the same problems as her, with no guidance and no one to talk to, she knew this was something she could help with.

In today’s episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I ask Polly why women know so little about the perimenopausal phase and how she became a Perimenopause health & life coach.

We dive into the incredible pressures women experience at this stage of life, and how the conversation is slowly beginning to change.

Inside the episode, we discuss:

- why Polly couldn’t tell anyone about her symptoms for 4 years

- how entrepreneurship provided the self-care she was looking for 

- how women usually deal with perimenopause when they have no one to guide them

- why menopause has been such a taboo subject in society and what still needs to change

- why the second spring is the perfect time to follow your passions and step into entrepreneurship

Alongside the challenges, perimenopause gave Polly an opportunity to step back, take care of herself and put herself first for the very first time.

Listen to her full story here.

And if you’re going through something similar, drop into my Insta DM’s and tell me if the lessons Polly learned in her journey resonates with you. 


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