Live Launch Debrief

A launch is a massive event in a business owner’s calendar.

It seems to take over every part of their life. And it’s very hard to keep a clear vision through this time.

So, most entrepreneurs end up struggling to see the full picture and correctly measure the success of their launch.

To help you avoid this confusion, I had previously set down my 7 Steps to a post-launch debrief that clears the fog from your head and helps you measure your performance in a constructive way.

Now, in case you missed it, I have just concluded my most successful launch of the Collective membership.

I welcomed more members into the membership this time than ever before.

But I still do a debrief of my launch, because this exercise is not just to measure success and failure – its primary purpose is to find strengths and weaknesses in your launch campaign, so you can do even better next time!

So, join me in this special episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, where I go over a...

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The Success of All Future Launches Depends on These 7 Steps

The end of one launch is where the next begins.

Most entrepreneurs look at a completed launch and see success or failure. I see crucial information that can make sure that my next launch will be bigger and better.

A launch is an exhausting and complicated process. And if you don’t experience success during the first launch, it’s natural to feel anxious and hesitant about the next one. 

If this one failed, why will the next succeed?

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I explain the 7 steps that make up my post-launch debrief and how they help me create my game plan for the next product or service I want to release in the market.  

This process is essential for the success of all our future launches because it provides a unique opportunity to examine everything that worked and everything that didn’t.

Here’s a glimpse of what I cover:

- how a debrief provides a sense of closure and a shift in perspective

- the data we are...

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