A Client's Journey: From Finding You to Buying From You

How does a client go from finding you on social media to signing up for your stellar offer or service?

Do you know the exact path they take from the beginning to the end and what obstacles might derail them completely on route?

Entrepreneurs often focus entirely on building their social presence, and forget to think about the next steps in guiding new clients to a sale. This can lose you sales and rid clients of the opportunity to access that much needed transformation - both of which can be avoided with the right steps.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I show you how to map out a seamless and profitable client journey and reveal exactly how I remove friction from the path, so they can land on the final offer in the most potent way possible. 

Come with me as I deep dive into this fascinating aspect of business building as we explore

- Should you be focusing on just one social platform?

- Why you should reverse engineer your client’s journey

- How your personal brand helps move clients along the journey and how to optimize this

- Where you should be using relatability markers

- Why nurturing a warm audience is your fastest route to profitability

- How to ensure you always close the loop and create crystal clear client signposts

Regardless of how big your social media presence gets, the success of your business will hang in the balance without a seamless client journey.

So, if you are ready to take your wellness business to the next level with more ease and flow than you ever thought possible tune in to the full episode right here!

DISCLAIMER: This is a repost of episode 97, How To Create A Seamless & Profitable Client Journey.


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