Rewriting Your Story with Jo Bell

Could you re write the stories you hold about yourself? 

What if there was a way to create a safe space to step out from the stories that are so enmeshed within us?

Journalling is a word that is talked about a lot and sometimes it can lose its meaning. Jo Bell is powerfully supporting people to understand the true value of journalling in creating safe spaces to explore out deepest thoughts. 

Jo has found a method that enables people to give themselves space for self exploration in a way that feels safe and gives results. She is able to hold this space so well because she has been on this path herself, seeing her thoughts that were from a deep place and being confronted with the reality of the cruel nature of her own words about herself. Her development from this to explore journalling in a different way led her to where she is today.

So, in this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak with Jo about her journey through depression to support others to find a safe space in which to explore their thoughts and stories in journalling.

Listen to the full episode, where we discuss:

  • What journalling is and how the term is widely used
  • The space you can give yourself for self exploration through journalling
  • Techniques to use your journalling time to make a positive impact on yourself and your business
  • The difference between creative writing and journalling
  • How to get started with journalling
  • The power of questions

Jo creates space for herself and others to feel safe to write new personal stories rather than those that we have held  or have been given by others. She acknowledges the resistance some have to journalling and gives so much encouragement about the ripple effect it can have. What could you create by choosing to make space for Jo’s journalling techniques?

Listen to this episode and then drop into my Insta DMs. Do you regularly journal or have you struggled to bring this into your life? I would love to hear from you.

Find the FULL SHOW NOTES here.




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