How To Play A Bigger Game

Have you been coasting? Has it been a while since you made some big moves in your biz and life? Sometimes we think we are making moves and stepping up but often we are spending more time moving sideways rather than forwards.

In this weeks Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast I get vulnerable and reveal where I've been hiding out in my business and share 7 powerful steps that will ensure your growth stays on track and that your personal integrity takes centre stage.

Here's a glance at todays episode:

πŸ‘‰ Call it out! The first step to playing a bigger game is to identify when you are not and what you keep putting off in your business. Awareness is everything and denial is its nemesis, so what do you keep pushing back that you KNOW could change the game.

πŸ‘‰ Up the personal integrity. Why is it we will do anything not to let other people down but when it comes to sticking to the promises we make ourselves, we are quite happy to bow out. What if we focused on increasing our personal integrity to the point that it was no longer and option to bail out? What if we chose three powerful actions everyday towards our bigger game and we ACTUALLY STUCK TO IT?

πŸ‘‰ Identify the self-sabotage. What are the actions, thoughts and beliefs you are using to assist you in avoiding the up level? What are you gaining from leaning into these excuses and what are the new choices you need to make to rewrite the story for a different outcome?

πŸ‘‰ Expand into your comfort zone ON THE REGULAR. Don't wait until you have to do something scary in your business or life to experience discomfort. Challenge yourself every day to take small courageous steps to get comfortable with discomfort. My practice of choice ... public dance parties 


Are you ready to FINALLY play the bigger game and stop distracting yourself with all the other things? If you're reading this then I have no doubt you are ready and that this week's episode is just the thing to bust through the BS, click here to listen now.

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Listener Spotlight of the Week

Today's listener spotlight is from our Full Moon Ritual held in our Feminine Fierce Community this month and it was pure magic ✨ - meditation has been a very powerful tool in my life to get clarity around my purpose and define my next steps. So happy you enjoyed this Shanna x

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