Transitioning Into Entrepreneurship

Running your own business and taking the leap into entrepreneurship can be one of the most exciting and exhilarating times in your life

You think it is all you have ever wanted but are then riddled with feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and imposter syndrome. So how do you transition into becoming your own boss without running for the hills when reality sinks in?

In today's Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast I interview Teresa Brooks, business coach and NLP practitioner, all about the turbulent landscape of the business space and how to navigate it to your advantage.

Here's a glance at todays episode:

👉 How to choose your mentors and influences wisely, and how to avoid getting distracted by superficial wins

👉 What to do when the fear of failure strikes and how to embrace the unknown to ensure your are always choosing growth

👉 How to find your passion and purpose in life and in business even when you're feeling like you've lost your way

👉 Why taking full responsibility is the key to longevity in business and how to ensure you are in it for the long game

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Listener Spotlight of the Week

Thank you so much Marina, I love seeing you guys listening to the podcast and I am so glad you enjoyed episode 11, How To Fall In Love With Your Competitors.

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> Ep02 Master The Energy Of Your Life And Business

 If you are ready to take the next step in your business and embrace your unique business superpowers so you never fear the competition again, book you free consultation with Kirsty here.


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