The One About Fear

Do you ever worry that your business will grind to a halt if you have to step away for a bit? Or maybe collapse entirely?

You’re not alone.

Every small business owner has this fear. We build our brands around ourselves and feel like we’re holding up the entire structure on a pinky finger.

But you imagine that eventually you’d stop feeling this way, right? 

Well, I can tell you that I had to go through major surgery and take a few weeks off to realise that I still had these fears about my business, even at this stage of my career.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I talk about the personal and business fears I confronted over the last week, and how they’ve already changed me.  

Here are some of my major ah-ha moments from the last couple of weeks:

- Taking a break and getting the medical attention I needed was an act of self care that I owed my future self.

- Learning to trust in my own strengths when I had to go through the...

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LinkedIn and Corporate Wellness with Lindsay Mitrosilis

Have you been hearing good things about LinkedIn lately, but feeling too overwhelmed to join one more platform?

Despite its incredible ability to help connect people, LinkedIn has long been seen as a site for corporate recruitment that has no space for entrepreneurs. 

But that has changed dramatically in recent years. 

While business owners struggle to reach their ideal clients on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn has quietly surged ahead.

In today’s episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I talk with Lindsay Mitrosilis - a LinkedIn Mentor and Business Strategist - who explains why this relatively small platform might be the best and fastest route to getting in front of the right clients today.

Listen to us dig deep into:

- Why Lindsay wouldn’t give up entrepreneurship, even for $300K/year

- What makes LinkedIn more generous about letting your content reach more people

- Why consistency is less important than engagement on this...

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