The Gateway From Lawyer To Kundalini Yoga Teacher With Zoe Swan

Many of us come into the wellness space from an unexpected starting point searching for that one thing we need to be clear on - who we want to serve.

When we first enter, often the biggest conflict is refining that niche and figuring out what we have to offer and why we are the right person to offer it.

If you’re a multi-passionate practitioner, this might feel like a very confusing time. But so long as you are curious and open-minded about different practices in this space, you will eventually land on the perfect way to help your clients.  

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak to Zoe Swan, a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Wellness Consultant, who started her career as a lawyer but found herself gravitating towards wellness while looking for strategies to survive the legal & academic world. 

Zoe’s path to entrepreneurship was not an obvious one, but she never gave up. To understand how she built her business as the founder of The Practice of Wellbeing, we talk about:

- How Zoe began noticing the harsh effects of stress and anxiety on the human body and mind

- Why wellness practices aren’t effective unless you fully commit to them

- How Zoe decided that the richness of her skills and experiences put her in a position to teach others

- How she went from helping others to taking better care of herself

- Why you need a sound business model in place when stepping into the wellness world as an entrepreneur

- Why you need to know who your ideal client is to succeed

The world demands perfection from us in our professional life, and the biggest mistake a wellness entrepreneur can make is performing that perfection while promoting themselves. 

After all, business is all about connections, and allowing people to see ours ups and downs as we blaze a trail for our clients and communities. Tune in to the full episode here.




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