7 Steps To Help Your Biz Thrive (not just survive) During The Holidays

Summer breaks are here and you can see clients stepping back. If this is making you worry about the impact on your business, this episode is for you.

There is a natural cycle to every business, and knowing how to recognise its pattern and anticipate the peaks and troughs is how entrepreneurs stop fearing the worst.

So, to build a strong business that doesn’t depend on a week-by-week model, you have to learn how to access the seasons of your industry.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I outline my 7 tried and tested steps to help you create a business that can weather any break.

Join me as I dive deep into:

- Law of momentum. If you’ve been doing the work months ahead of the break, you can step back without fearing any loss of momentum in your business. 

- Set your intention and expectations. We only worry about things we can’t anticipate. Map out how your clients may want to step back and adapt your offers to make things easier for them.

- Communicating with your support system and your audience. It’s so important to tell your family and friends what you’re going through. It’s equally important to remember what your audience is experiencing in this season and change your messaging to connect with their current state of mind.

- Recognise your business seasons. Create a plan so you can see which months are the biggest months for you. What’s the summer and winter season for your business? 

- Create a Launch plan! Knowing the seasons puts you in a position to launch your product or service at the right time, and having a plan ensures that you are never stressed about it.

- Experiment in your business and have fun! Without trying out new offers and features, you’ll never know which way you should be growing.

When you’re prepared, you can anticipate lulls in your business, and either change the narrative about what the slow down means or use the time to take a break without feeling like you’re losing time.

I want to get you to a place where you’re guiding the cycles of your business, and you never fear the highs or the lows. Tune in to the full episode right here


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