Cracking the Mindset Code With Lisa Denniss

Can we ever reach a level of success where we stop feeling self-doubt and discomfort?

The biggest myth we allow ourselves to believe in is that we only need to work on our mindset when we’re starting our entrepreneurial journey.

I can tell you from my own experience that the work is never done. Even at this stage of my journey, I have to keep training my mind to embrace the discomfort of new challenges and power through my fears.

So, in today’s episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I talk to Lisa Denniss - a mindset coach who works with women to grow their business - and she explains how limiting beliefs can have a very real effect on what we can achieve.

 We explore:

- How Lisa’s imposter syndrome nearly kept her from starting the business she truly wanted to build

- How Rapid Transformational Therapy unlocked and helped her deal with the root cause of the self-doubt that held her back 

- Learning the difference between procrastination and the intuitive know that something isn’t right for you

- How journaling daily can help create healthy habits and bring up perspectives you hadn’t considered.

- Why you should stop following anyone on social media who makes you feel small or triggered

Learning to be kind to yourself is the first step to breaking the grip of imposter syndrome. Our minds will always pull us back to safety whenever we try to do new, unfamiliar things. It will tell us that someone else is doing a better job than us.

But if we remember to work on our mindset, it’ll give us the tools to help our fearful brain see the exciting possibilities in the unknown before us, and trust in ourselves to walk that path with confidence. Tune in to the full episode here.




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