How To Price Your Products & Services With Ease

 Can the thought of pricing be anything but nauseating for an entrepreneur?


We put a lot of ourselves into our offers, and that has the natural effect of making us believe that a rejection from a client because of our price is a rejection of the product or service we created. 

But that’s completely untrue.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I talk about the mindset you should develop around pricing, so that this part of running your business feels seamless and organic instead of something to dread.

To help change the way you approach pricing now, here are some of the things I dive deep into:

- You can never “charge your worth” because no one can put a price on you

- Why your pricing is your marketing! 

- How you’ll always be too expensive for some and not enough for others

- Why pricing speaks to the level of commitment that your client needs to show

- Practice pricing according to your own instincts and...

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