Taking Ownership of Our Healing Journey With Melissa Campbell

The world can be very slow at adopting wellness practices, even when it demonstrably leads to improvement in mental and physical wellbeing.

While some spaces are beginning to value the effectiveness of practices like Reiki, there’s still a long way to go before these resources become widely available to the ones who need it most. 

This is why it’s so important to show up everyday and be available to the people reaching out for help, so they can begin their journey towards healing. 

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak with Melissa Campbell, a Reiki Master who teaches energy healing to women, and we discuss the internal resources that every person is conditioned to suppress since childhood, and how Reiki helps amplify this support system!

Listen in as we explore:

- How access to this reserve of internal support changes behaviour and attitude

- The experience of suddenly having more resources for your mental wellbeing

- Focusing internally and away from external validation and approval

- Why it’s important to show up as the person who’s done the work, so people can reach out to you for support

- How people are seeking out practitioners they like across the world, instead of settling for the nearest in-person teacher

- How the resilience people have shown in the last eighteen months will serve them for a lifetime

Learning to trust our intuition and feelings opens up a world of internal emotional support that we’ve conditioned ourselves to ignore due to social cynicism. But it’s crucial to tap into this massive emotional network, so we can begin the journey of healing ourselves.

 Tune in to listen to this episode right here!


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