How To Blow Up Your Reach With Instagram Reels (plus 14 awesome Reel ideas)

Have you been eyeing Instagram Reels and slowly backing away from it?

The idea of adding one more content format to your plate might be completely overwhelming, but I believe that you can take full advantage of Reels without burning yourself out or making yourself look silly. 

In today’s episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I talk to you about why taking a second look at this format is crucial for a wellness entrepreneur today, and what my experiments with it have taught me so far.

Join me in this episode, as we explore:

- How to start Reels without adding on extra work 

- Whether Reels are really giving creators wider reach and a large audience for their content

- How I’ve used Reels to promote a recent workshop

- Why you need to know your values before you start creating Reels

- How the algorithm is helping the right audience find your Reels

- Plus 14 knockout Reel ideas that will have you embracing this function in no time

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