Creating Your Wellness Brand World with Liz Jones

How do you and your wellness business stand out online? Do you have a clear, authentic brand?

Do you even know what branding means?

What if you knew that branding was more than just great design?

If you’re wondering how to create a powerful and authentic wellness brand that showcases your uniqueness and reflects your vision and purpose then keep listening.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast I am talking to brand mentor and coach Liz Jones about how you can create your unique brand world.  A world where your brand identity goes much deeper than your logo. Liz brings her many years experience of working with global household brands to help us to create a brand that has an emotional impact and is remembered.

Working through the fears that might stop you from showing up fully within your brand will sky rocket your results so listen to Liz take us through the key ways to explore how to develop a brand.  

Listen to the full episode, where we discuss:

  • The...
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Showing Up Unapologetically In Your Biz

How does being visible in your business make you feel? Do you find yourself holding back from showing your true, authentic self?

Do you even know what any of that means?

What if I told you your audience only shows up to experience you fully AND that they genuinely want to hear what you have to say in the way that only you say it?

Feeling resistance? That’s because we need to upgrade our outdated beliefs to serve both ourselves and our audience in a more authentic way.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast I am going to help you do just as I talk you through a recent personal journey of my own.

One where I realised the things I’d been told as a child were directly impacting my ability to show up in my biz.

Being unafraid to share your opinions and full truth online can feel exposing but today I’m sharing some tips to move through the resistance and blast those limiting beliefs so that you can show up in whatever way you choose.

Listen to the full episode,...

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Build a Bright, Bold and Beautiful Brand with Kayleigh Lloyd

Is it time for a rebrand? Have you ever had your branding created professionally or are you at the home-made branding stage?

Branding can become such a block for entrepreneurs as we wonder when the right time is to invest in a professional designer.

One of the biggest problems can be that we don’t fully understand what a brand is and how it applies to us.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast I speak with Kayleigh Lloyd, my very own brand designer.

I am so excited to speak to Kayleigh and open the lid on my own recent redesign and help you to understand some of the common worries and fears that entrepreneurs have when it comes to branding. 

Some of you might be feeling that your current DIY branding isn’t professional enough or maybe that it doesn’t reflect you. So, listen in for some branding advice whether you are doing it yourself or working with a designer. There is something for everyone.

Listen to the full episode, where we discuss:

  • How...
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Sky Rocket Your Confidence Through Comedy Improv with Ali Hannon

How often do you give yourself permission to play and be silly? Have you ever considered comedy improv as a means of developing the key skills needed for entrepreneurship?

As Wellness practitioners it is so easy to be working either within the past or the future with all of the hats that we wear in this space, but there is huge power in using tools that help us become fully present in the now in our business (and life). Being present ensures we feel all the juicy discomfort that can arise from stretching our comfort zones and creates an opportunity for us to work through them - and who knew comedy improv could support us with all this and more.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast we speak with Ali Hannon about their love for improvisation and comedy and how utilising key practices from this space can support us with our wellness. Now I know that some of you listening will hear the word improvisation and immediately be feeling discomfort (as you’ll hear in the...

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Expand Your Energetic Bandwidth with Zoe Swan

Are you able to utilise your own wellness toolkit for yourself? Have you considered ways to fully integrate wellness into all aspects of your life?

Wellness can often be seen as something separate and not integrated within workspaces or even life more generally. We have wellness moments but it is not embedded culturally as something that can support us to grow our capacity to energetically deal with the stress of life. 

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast we speak with Zoe Swan about just this and we explore how the act of committing to embedding a wellness practice can have such a positive impact. Zoe shares with us how we can use self awareness to unlock the ongoing issues of chronic low level stress that so many of us experience, sometimes unknowingly. 

Listen to the full episode, where we discuss:

  • Zoe’s journey from corporate law and lecturer to Kundalini yoga instructor
  • What Kundalini yoga is and how it can benefit you
  • The issues within the...
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Raising Your Business Vibration Through Sound Therapy with Ruth Summers

How do you find flow in your business? Have you considered different ways to work with your subconscious - what about using the power of sound?

Sound is around us all of the time whether we physically hear it or feel the vibrations within us. I’m sure for many of you there is already a place in your life for using music, your voice or the natural sounds in your environment but are you consciously aware of the positive impact these sounds can have on you (and your biz!)

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast we speak with Ruth Summers about just this and we explore how the power of sound can support you to make great shifts in your life and business. Ruth explores with us the research around the benefits of sound therapy and how it can impact us physically, emotionally and energetically.

Listen to the full episode, where we discuss:

  • Ruth’s journey to becoming a sound therapist
  • The benefits of sound and vibration for the body and mind
  • How blockages can be...
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Finding Authenticity On and Off Screen with Luisa Bradshaw White

How do you show up in the work you do? Do you feel that there are two slides to your work? How do you bring your true self into everything you do?

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast we speak with Luisa Bradshaw White about just this and we explore how being truly authentic can help you live your life and run your with business with ease. Luisa explores with us how she balances her life and work as both an actress and a wellness business owner and teaches us how to celebrate who you truly are without the need for labels.

Listen to the full episode, where we discuss:

  • How Luisa has integrated wellness into her acting career
  • The importance of be authentic in both life and business
  • Making social media work for you rather than adhering to strict rules for the algorithm 
  • The difference between selling and offering
  • How meditation can support your daily self care 
  • Disconnection from the digital world
  • The amazing details of the ecstatic dance session at the...
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Embody Your Brand Through Breathwork with Rachel Bednarski

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2022

 How is your breath linked to your success as an entrepreneur? 

In the next instalment of the festival edition of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast we speak with Rachel Bednarski about just that and we explore how powerful the breath is in so many ways for us personally and professionally. Rachel helps us to understand how the world around us impacts the way we breathe and the consequences of that.

Listen to the full episode, where we discuss:

  • The link between breathwork and entrepreneurship
  • The consequence of constantly living in our thinking brain
  • The powerful impact of getting into your body to start to feel what is really important
  • How our environment, stress and trauma impact our breathing
  • The impact of our breathe on our energy
  • How to tune in to your body and feelings
  • The ways we can make the wellness space more inclusive
  • The details of Rachel’s workshop at the Festival 

Rachel demonstrates how the breath is the bridge between the mind and body and by...

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Tripling Your Income with Hypnosis with Sally Garozzo

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2022

Have you ever thought about how focussing on your own wellness could impact the growth of your business? Do you stop to consider what wellness really means to you and how you can integrate it into your daily life?

Well, in the first episode of this special festival edition of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast I speak with Sally Garozzo about just that and we explore how focussing on her own wellness has helped her business to grow. Sally helps us to understand how working on our own stories and blocks can change the game, especially during menopause which is Sally’s specialist area. 

Listen to the full episode, where we discuss:

  • The difference between taking larger chunks of time out less frequently to focus on wellness and focussing on wellness throughout your day 
  • How you can integrate wellness into your everyday life
  • Why so many women become entrepreneurs during menopause
  • How we can start to work on our own ‘stuff’ to improve our lives
  • The importance...
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Trailer - Wellness Revolution Season

Uncategorized Jun 17, 2022


Welcome to the trailer for the Wellness Revolution Season. In this trailer I am so excited to have a co-host, Sarah Taylor who is my co-founder of the Wellness Revolution Festival. We can't wait to interview the workshop facilitators for the Wellness Revolution Festival so that you can hear what we have in store for you.

Listen to the FULL EPISODE here.

To find out more about the Wellness Revolution Festival click here:


Say hi to Kirsty Kianifard on social:







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