Sky Rocket Your Confidence Through Comedy Improv with Ali Hannon

How often do you give yourself permission to play and be silly? Have you ever considered comedy improv as a means of developing the key skills needed for entrepreneurship?

As Wellness practitioners it is so easy to be working either within the past or the future with all of the hats that we wear in this space, but there is huge power in using tools that help us become fully present in the now in our business (and life). Being present ensures we feel all the juicy discomfort that can arise from stretching our comfort zones and creates an opportunity for us to work through them - and who knew comedy improv could support us with all this and more.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast we speak with Ali Hannon about their love for improvisation and comedy and how utilising key practices from this space can support us with our wellness. Now I know that some of you listening will hear the word improvisation and immediately be feeling discomfort (as you’ll hear in the ep, I felt this way too) but hear Ali discuss how empowering it can be and what reconnecting with play and joy can bring to you.

Listen to the full episode, where we discuss:

  • The impact Ali makes in equality, diversity and inclusion by using practices from comedy and improvisation
  • How these practices can be used to explore more difficult subjects in an interesting way
  • Using improvised comedy to help people develop their fun, joy and personal stories
  • How inhibitions and shame as adults impacts our ability to play
  • Becoming more present in business
  • The importance of creating an environment where we put our own wellness first
  • The amazing details of Ali’s improv session at the Wellness Revolution Festival.

Ali really opens our eyes in this episode to how we can limit ourselves when we feel scared of doing something and that fear can stop us from truly embracing all parts of ourselves. By allowing our brain to reconnect with the parts that it feels it no longer needs access to as an adult, such as play, can bring so much more to our lives. We can have fun with our wellness and truly start to put ourselves first.

Their passion for improvisation and encouragement to try it really allows us to break down our barriers in a safe space.

Are you able to be present and ‘play’ in your life? Have you considered the powerful impact this could have for you?

Listen to this episode and then drop into my Insta DMs and let me know!




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