Creating Your Wellness Brand World with Liz Jones

How do you and your wellness business stand out online? Do you have a clear, authentic brand?

Do you even know what branding means?

What if you knew that branding was more than just great design?

If you’re wondering how to create a powerful and authentic wellness brand that showcases your uniqueness and reflects your vision and purpose then keep listening.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast I am talking to brand mentor and coach Liz Jones about how you can create your unique brand world.  A world where your brand identity goes much deeper than your logo. Liz brings her many years experience of working with global household brands to help us to create a brand that has an emotional impact and is remembered.

Working through the fears that might stop you from showing up fully within your brand will sky rocket your results so listen to Liz take us through the key ways to explore how to develop a brand.  

Listen to the full episode, where we discuss:

  • The...
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Build a Bright, Bold and Beautiful Brand with Kayleigh Lloyd

Is it time for a rebrand? Have you ever had your branding created professionally or are you at the home-made branding stage?

Branding can become such a block for entrepreneurs as we wonder when the right time is to invest in a professional designer.

One of the biggest problems can be that we don’t fully understand what a brand is and how it applies to us.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast I speak with Kayleigh Lloyd, my very own brand designer.

I am so excited to speak to Kayleigh and open the lid on my own recent redesign and help you to understand some of the common worries and fears that entrepreneurs have when it comes to branding. 

Some of you might be feeling that your current DIY branding isn’t professional enough or maybe that it doesn’t reflect you. So, listen in for some branding advice whether you are doing it yourself or working with a designer. There is something for everyone.

Listen to the full episode, where we discuss:

  • How...
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How To Market Yourself With Grace And Ease

When it comes to standing up and showing the world what you're made of, do you find yourself wanting to run and hide?

Have you been relying on a wish and hope strategy that your ideal client will find you and fall in love with what you do as long as you just hold out long enough?

This was me through and through a few years ago in my business. The thought of confidently selling myself and my services whilst not sounding like a sleazy car sales person seemed impossible.

In today's episode I share the reality of what it takes to create messaging that converts and exactly how I overcame my crippling fear of publicly celebrating myself and my services.

Are you ready to get excited about sharing your unique gifts with the world? Let's dive in!

If you enjoy the episode, please be sure to take a screenshot and share it out on Instagram and tag me @kirstykianifardand I’ll be sure to share your comments and big takeaways on my Instagram Stories as well.

Also, please make sure to give...

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