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When Manifesting Business Success Means Taking Risks With Sam Smith

Who wouldn’t love to drop their mundane life, travel to a foreign country, and start an exciting new career?

That’s just what Samantha did. She left behind her degree in marketing and public relations to teach English in Madrid, and then started working for an influencer in the wellness space, which opened her eyes to a whole new world.

But just when that huge risk seemed to be bringing amazing results, Sam lost the job.

Unemployed in a foreign country, Sam Smith began doubting everything she believed about the universe helping her find her path.

Until it occurred to her that maybe the universe was telling her that she was on the wrong path.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak with Samantha Smith, who is a life and mindset coach, yoga instructor, wellness blogger, and most importantly, a teacher.

She has taken many bold risks in the last six years, and I wanted to know how she built so much trust in herself and her ability to support her...

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7 Steps To Creating Instant Opportunities In Your Business

A lot of entrepreneurs dream of using social media to grow their business, but end up disheartened because they don’t see their follower count rising fast enough.

In their minds, they can’t start selling to their audience unless they have a large following.

But there are 7 things you can do right now that definitely don’t require a large audience!

Do these when you have 5000 followers, or 500, or 50! 

They are just as effective.

Because my steps teach you how to create a relationship with potential customers who will seek out your services because they know, like, and trust you!

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur, I tell you the steps that have helped me grow my business, and which are guiding my clients towards their own success stories!

Here is a quick look at some of what I talk about today:

- Why you shouldn’t wait around for clients to come and find you

- How sincerely engaging with your audience can never make you seem salesy

- Why...

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The REAL Reason Your Clients Can’t Afford to Work With You

When a client hesitates to invest in your programme or service even though it’s exactly what they’re searching for, you may start to second guess your offer. 

Is the price really too high? Maybe your package doesn’t offer as much value as you thought it did?

Stop right there. 

That’s not the way to think about this objection!

I decided to price the membership of The Collective modestly because I wanted to offer a low cost-high value space for entrepreneurs to grow their business and support each other’s business journey.

So, when I first opened the doors, I expected no objections on the price because I had fought to keep it affordable. 

And yet, that’s exactly what I faced. Clients coming to me with concerns about investing in their own business growth because the price of a few cups of coffee seemed too high.

Every business owner faces this hurdle. 

It’s important to remember that this is not a reflection of the value...

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The Success of All Future Launches Depends on These 7 Steps

The end of one launch is where the next begins.

Most entrepreneurs look at a completed launch and see success or failure. I see crucial information that can make sure that my next launch will be bigger and better.

A launch is an exhausting and complicated process. And if you don’t experience success during the first launch, it’s natural to feel anxious and hesitant about the next one. 

If this one failed, why will the next succeed?

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I explain the 7 steps that make up my post-launch debrief and how they help me create my game plan for the next product or service I want to release in the market.  

This process is essential for the success of all our future launches because it provides a unique opportunity to examine everything that worked and everything that didn’t.

Here’s a glimpse of what I cover:

- how a debrief provides a sense of closure and a shift in perspective

- the data we are...

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6 Steps to Creating Content Copy that Converts

As an entrepreneur you have to wear many hats, but did you ever imagine the most crucial one might be that of a gripping storyteller capturing the attention of potential clients with your words alone?

Sounds hard, doesn’t it?

Well luckily for you, it really doesn’t have to be. In fact it can be a totally intuitive and even cathartic process.

There are six steps to my method. And with each one, you will get closer to perfecting the one story you need to tell the world. 

Your own. 

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I break down the intimidating world of writing copy for your business into simple actionable steps, which you can apply to your marketing content immediately.

Here’s a sneak peak of what I cover:

- Why written copy connects with your audience at a deeper level

- How conversions should *actually* be measured

- What I call “Goddess Marketing” and how it can help you write better copy

- Why it’s not a bad thing...

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The single most important thing you need to grow your business (and it's not strategy)

When a business owner tells herself that she has reached the limits of her growth, and doesn’t want to scale up any more, it’s one of two things. 

Either she has really reached the pinnacle of her journey and is completely satisfied with where she is. (In which case, I’m truly happy for her!)

Or she is convincing herself that she doesn’t want to grow any more because she has reached the end of her physical and mental capacity.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I tackle a different struggle of entrepreneurs who are in the growth phase of their business.

This is the problem that you overlook 9 out of 10 times when trying to understand why you are stuck. 

It’s not your business strategy. 

It’s your bandwidth

Inside this episode, I talk about: 

- my own experience with reaching the limits of my capacity as a mother and business owner

- why I strongly advise business owners to evolve out of the one-to-one...

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7 Simple Steps To Becoming An Award-Winning Entrepreneur


How can winning an award help your business?

Winning an award that singles you out as the best in your business can help tackle client resistance towards your offers.

It’s also a great marketing opportunity that can lead to many bigger things, especially if you’re using the second step I outline in the episode to create an online presence that aligns with your brand and shows your business journey!

So, in this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I decided to celebrate my spa teaching the final stages of The International Best Spa Award by telling you exactly how you can be an award-winning entrepreneur who is recognised for creating change.

Let’s deep dive into my 7 steps!

- Ask yourself, “how can we do things differently?”

- Create an omnipresence online, so award committees can find you easily

- Collaborate with other entrepreneurs so that you can be visualized in a lineup of awardees and fit right in

- Create a client journey that...

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How To Build Your Brand Story with Ife Thomas

What does it mean to know your ‘why’? How do you find it and why is it so important to your journey as an entrepreneur?

Building the business of your dreams is an uphill battle, and when your motivation disappears that’s when your reason for everything helps you push through.

That reason is the core of your brand story. And creating this brand story with flair can help you win the confidence of clients and power through the darkest times in your own journey.

In this episode of the Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I talk to Ife Thomas - coach and creator of brand stories for businesses - and we discuss the many ways in which storytelling has helped her achieve every goal she set for herself.

In this episode we explore:

- How having no spatial awareness and little flexibility didn’t stop Ife from becoming a professional dancer

- Why lacking natural talent can’t stop you from being brilliant at what you love

- How the law of incremental improvement helped...

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How To Blow Up Your Reach With Instagram Reels (plus 14 awesome Reel ideas)

Have you been eyeing Instagram Reels and slowly backing away from it?

The idea of adding one more content format to your plate might be completely overwhelming, but I believe that you can take full advantage of Reels without burning yourself out or making yourself look silly. 

In today’s episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I talk to you about why taking a second look at this format is crucial for a wellness entrepreneur today, and what my experiments with it have taught me so far.

Join me in this episode, as we explore:

- How to start Reels without adding on extra work 

- Whether Reels are really giving creators wider reach and a large audience for their content

- How I’ve used Reels to promote a recent workshop

- Why you need to know your values before you start creating Reels

- How the algorithm is helping the right audience find your Reels

- Plus 14 knockout Reel ideas that will have you embracing this function in no time

Watching creators on...

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7 Steps To Help Your Biz Thrive (not just survive) During The Holidays

Summer breaks are here and you can see clients stepping back. If this is making you worry about the impact on your business, this episode is for you.

There is a natural cycle to every business, and knowing how to recognise its pattern and anticipate the peaks and troughs is how entrepreneurs stop fearing the worst.

So, to build a strong business that doesn’t depend on a week-by-week model, you have to learn how to access the seasons of your industry.

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I outline my 7 tried and tested steps to help you create a business that can weather any break.

Join me as I dive deep into:

- Law of momentum. If you’ve been doing the work months ahead of the break, you can step back without fearing any loss of momentum in your business. 

- Set your intention and expectations. We only worry about things we can’t anticipate. Map out how your clients may want to step back and adapt your offers to make things easier for them.


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