How To Increase Productivity In Your Business (Your Productivity Cycle)

Peak productivity is what every entrepreneur strives for. In fact most invest more time and energy in mastering this aspect of their business than anything else.

Joining the 5am club, using fancy schedulers, timing daily tasks, planning social media posts and hiring a VA are just some of the ways we are told to access maximum results in minimum time.

So why then do so many entrepreneurs still feel like they're failing?

One minute you feel you've found some fierce momentum and are making massive strides in your business and the next you're staring at a blank screen and wondering who turned off your creativity tap.

But what if you were never supposed to be firing on all cylinders 24/7 and instead were actually designed to operate from an ancient, primal and nature-induced monthly rhythm of implementation and integration.

What if you could map out  your month to determine exactly when you were going to be operating at peak productivity (think launches, getting super visible and...

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6 Essential Tips To Successfully Work From Home

Let's face it, many of us are working from home more than ever right now. For some it's not unusual to work from home but the structure is totally different, and for others this is the first time they have stopped seeing clients face to face in their entire career.

With new family dynamics to navigate and no sense of personal space or time, working from home can present many challenges when it comes to running your wellness empire.

In today's episode I share 6 essential tips to not only survive the work from home scenario but to actually thrive. With practical actions you can implement immediately to ensure you look back on this time with a sense of achievement and (dare I say it) joy.

If you enjoy the episode, please be sure to take a screenshot and share it out on Instagram and tag me @kirstykianifardand I’ll be sure to share your comments and big takeaways on my Instagram Stories as well.

Also, please make sure to give us a review on iTunes (or Google Play, Stitcher,...

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