How To Increase Productivity In Your Business (Your Productivity Cycle)

Peak productivity is what every entrepreneur strives for. In fact most invest more time and energy in mastering this aspect of their business than anything else.

Joining the 5am club, using fancy schedulers, timing daily tasks, planning social media posts and hiring a VA are just some of the ways we are told to access maximum results in minimum time.

So why then do so many entrepreneurs still feel like they're failing?

One minute you feel you've found some fierce momentum and are making massive strides in your business and the next you're staring at a blank screen and wondering who turned off your creativity tap.

But what if you were never supposed to be firing on all cylinders 24/7 and instead were actually designed to operate from an ancient, primal and nature-induced monthly rhythm of implementation and integration.

What if you could map out  your month to determine exactly when you were going to be operating at peak productivity (think launches, getting super visible and sharing your message) and when your time was better spent getting creative, recharging and reflecting?

In this week's podcast episode I break down the four stages of your productivity cycle (governed by your menstrual cycle or the moons cycle) and reveal EXACTLY what you should be doing in your business at each phase to ensure sustainable, long-term results. I'll be exposing:

- My personal journey of extreme fatigue and mood swings since having my twins and how this impacted my business

- How to track your productivity using your menstrual cycle or the moon cycle and what to look for in each phase / season

- The ideal launch schedule that aligns with the most potent time in your cycle (nail this and watch your impact and income soar)

- Practical tips to to remain visible when all you want to do is hide under the duvet

- Why believing everything is a limiting belief when it comes to uplevelling your business is setting you up to fail

Are you ready to finally build a business and life that fully aligns with your unique cyclical rhythms rather than constantly fighting against it? Master this and you'll have access to results you never thought possible.

Let's dive in.

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