From Burnout and Chronic Fatigue To Bossing It with Hannah Gregory


Another of my clients, Hannah Gregory, who recently reached the quarter finals of Masterchef joined me this week on Wellness Warrior Workshops, to discuss navigating burnout and chronic fatigue syndrome - especially during lockdown.

Wellness Warrior Workshops is the place to connect and care for your internal landscape while we navigate the current uncertainty in our external one.

We believe, now more than ever, our own wellbeing needs to be nurtured and nourished in order to consciously navigate these turbulent times. So every Wednesday we will be bringing you experts within the world of wellness, who will be leading transformational workshops on their specialism, to empower your own self-care practice and to ensure that together we transcend these current times.

These workshops will be held LIVE inside our private Feminine Fierce Facebook group so please invite anyone you feel would benefit from this weekly dose of wellness.

All workshops will be available on the...

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MasterChef, Manifestation and CFS with Hannah Gregory

What happens when you mix a talented chef with huge ambition with a desire to travel the world, alongside a ten year battle with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)?

Well, my friends, you get today's Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast guest and MasterChef quarter-finalist, Hannah Gregory.

In todays episode, Hannah reveals what it really took to realise a lifelong dream and exactly how her commitment to self-discovery helped her get there..

If you're looking for motivation, inspiration and insight into how to access more joy and purpose in your life then this episode is for you.

Let's dive in!

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