How to Earn More & Work Less (The *Actual* Formula)

Are you looking at people on social media who are living the laptop lifestyle and thinking ‘I wish that was me’?

Does that come from a place of having a desire to earn more money while working less hours?

Are you struggling to work out how you could even start to run your business in a way that would make that happen?

Well, you need to listen to today’s episode and hear my thoughts about some of the easiest ways to create a business that gives you the life that you want.

Now, you don’t have to live the laptop lifestyle to achieve this and would you believe me if I told you that this business model can be available to you whatever you do within the wellness industry.

So join me in this episode where I am going to share with you the actual formula for working less and earning more in your business.

Listen to the full episode, where I discuss:

  • How you can leverage your existing clients rather than constantly having to bring new clients into your world

  • The power of...

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10 Beliefs That Are Stunting Your Business Growth (and How to Rapidly Change Them)


You’ve got the strategy in place for growing your business and still you find that you’re not getting the growth you want or that you’re not taking the action you need. 


Have you ever thought about why this might be the case? Well think no more, your core beliefs are the foundation for everything and depending on what they are telling you will predict what will happen in your business. 


I have been exploring some of my own core beliefs that are holding me back in other areas of my life and it made me think about how important what we believe is for our business. 


If you have negative beliefs that show up when you are trying to grow your business you are definitely missing out on a range of possibilities available to you. 


So, how can you start to identify the unhelpful ones so that you can replace them with supportive beliefs that will help you to achieve your goals?


Join me in this episode where I will...

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Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT: 10 Game-Changing Ways to Enhance Your Biz

If I told you there was something out there that could give you content ideas, write copy for you, create video scripts and craft your weekly email for FREE in seconds - you’d want to know more, right?

Of course you would…

Which is why I am SO excited to share todays episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast with you - Unleashing The Power Of ChatGPT: 10 Game-Changing Ways To Enhance Your Biz.

Now I know the use of AI stirs up fear in some, but personally I love the thought of supportive software that can help me to elevate my content, save time and support me to work with more clients. 

And what’s more, we are in a pivotal technological moment so why not use this to our advantage.

So, how can you really utilise AI to help grow your business? 

Join me in this episode where I will be sharing 10 ways you can utilise Chat GPT in your wellness business today. 

And what’s more we’re going to put it to the test while I’m recording. 


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Time is Money: The Six Areas Your Business is Wasting Precious Minutes (& How to Stop)


Are you frustrated about not getting your new product or service out into the world?

If you are feeling that way then I wonder if it has anything to do with feeling like you don’t have the time to implement all that you want to.

What happens when you’ve got a full diary or you’ve got too much to do but it isn’t translating to growing your business?

Or could you be doing things that actually will never really contribute to your business growing?

So why do we waste so much time on the wrong things in our business?

How can you start to focus your energy in the right areas to improve both your impact and income.

Well, in today’s episode we are going to be talking about those pesky areas that see you wasting time in your business and what you can do about it. 

Listen to the full episode, where I discuss:

  • How you can identify what those time suckers might be for you in your business
  • The importance of compassion for self when we start to realise where...
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6 reasons to Create a Wildly Profitable Online Course


Are you still trading time for money in your business?

If you’re nodding then I can't say I’m surprised - it’s what I see a lot of wellness entrepreneurs doing simply because we are not taught HOW to scale our businesses in any other way.

But what happens when you are solidly fully booked and have no more hours to give?

Or when you’re burnt out simply thinking about the amount of hours you’d need to commit to hit your dream income.

And this is without me even touching on elevating our impact.

So how can you begin to move towards a more accessible and scalable way of growing your income and impact without sacrificing your sanity?

Well luckily for you, in today’s episode I’m going to be sharing why I think creating an online course could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Listen to the full episode, where I discuss:

  • How you can identify a sellable idea and create a highly profitable course (even when you believe it’s not...

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How To Sell A Brand New Service

Why does launching a new service feel so scary…

It’s what we as wellness business owners do, right?

Perhaps the fear kicks in when you’re wondering how you’re going to get your service out in the world…

Or maybe it’s when those moments of doubt kick in and you’re left thinking - “what if no one buys?”

So how do we get ahead of the curve and make sure your brand new service gets into the hands of those that need it most in the most seamless way possible?

Stick with me for today’s episode where I’m going to walk you through my simple 5 step process to ensure you smash through your new service sales goals with ease.

Listen to the full episode, where I discuss:

  • The mindset you need to master to ensure success
  • The foundations you need in place to warm up your audience
  • The secret to creating the excitement you need to attract your dream clients when launching 
  • Ways to future-proof subsequent launches 
  • How to launch...
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Are Memberships Dead in 2023

 Are memberships dead?

Have you noticed some business owners losing their energy for their memberships or deciding to close them altogether?

Do you wonder if memberships are still a great place to build community, or maybe if they’re an easy, semi-passive revenue stream? 

Having just closed my own membership, in this week's episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur podcast, I get to the heart of the matter about whether memberships are dead in 2023.

In this episode you are going to hear all about my journey to growing a thriving membership, and the real reasons I decided to close it down. 

And you’re also going to find out whether my decision (and that of others around me) should have any impact on your membership building dreams.

Listen to the full episode, where I discuss:

  • To membership or not to membership - that really is the big question 
  • The exact criteria to ensure a membership fits with the rest of your business
  • The recurring revenue myth
  • How to price...
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Illuminate Your Business with Human Design


Today’s episode is so exciting for me as I get to share with you something that I am incredibly passionate about. It’s something lots of people are talking about and I want to help you understand why it’s a game changer for you and your business. Yes, it’s human design.


Have you ever felt that you are being asked to create a cookie cutter version of business? Or maybe feel that you are riddled with self doubt or can’t take action due to paralysis analysis?


I know that you’re not the only one who feels like this and it can make business seem difficult.


But what if there was a system that could change all of this? A system that could illuminate your business in a way that feels good for you. 


In this episode you are going to hear all about my journey with human design and how breaking down my own energetic map has helped me to look at areas that I thought were flaws and see them differently.


It might...

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The Comeback Episode 

Welcome to the comeback episode of the Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast. If you’re a regular listener you’ll know that the last episode was recorded in September and my life has completely transformed since then. I’m so pleased to be back in your ears but I have to be honest, this has been a challenging episode to record. 

Has something ever happened in your life that has been so truly impactful that it changes you forever?

This has been my experience for the last few months and I want to share with you here on the podcast what has been happening. 

But before I tell you more, I must offer you a  trigger warning as I discuss death and grief as I navigate my experience with you. 

Within this episode you will also hear about some of the changes that have occurred within my business and the podcast, that I am so excited to share with you. Changes that occurred through listening to my intuition and taking the time I needed.

More than ever, I am here to...

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Self Sabotage & Upper Limits

Does your fear of success stop you from uplevelling your business?

Maybe you frequently hit the self sabotage button to stop that growth happening?

Well in today’s episode of the Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast I want to talk to you about upper limits and self sabotage.

From the moment I read about the concept of upper limits in Gay Hendrick’s book, The Big Leap (which happened to be our Collective book of the month this month), I knew this was something really important for business owners to understand. So I want to dive into this to highlight just how much it could be impacting you.

I also want to get really honest with you about how this has shown up for me in the week leading up to the Wellness Evolution Festival. Things may have looked plain sailing on social media but wait until you hear what was going on behind the scenes.

As you’ll find out in this episode, some of the obstacles were old patterns showing up and some came  completely out of the blue. 


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