6 reasons to Create a Wildly Profitable Online Course


Are you still trading time for money in your business?

If you’re nodding then I can't say I’m surprised - it’s what I see a lot of wellness entrepreneurs doing simply because we are not taught HOW to scale our businesses in any other way.

But what happens when you are solidly fully booked and have no more hours to give?

Or when you’re burnt out simply thinking about the amount of hours you’d need to commit to hit your dream income.

And this is without me even touching on elevating our impact.

So how can you begin to move towards a more accessible and scalable way of growing your income and impact without sacrificing your sanity?

Well luckily for you, in today’s episode I’m going to be sharing why I think creating an online course could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Listen to the full episode, where I discuss:

  • How you can identify a sellable idea and create a highly profitable course (even when you believe it’s not possible for you) 

  • The impact & income possibilities available to you as you to start to scale 

  • How to create speaking opportunities, partnership possibilities and media attention using online courses

  • Why your work becomes more accessible when you broaden your delivery methods


If you’re ready to develop an online course (or are even slightly curious) and scale your business to your next level, then I can’t wait to hear how you implement the tips in today’s episode. 


I hope you’ll listen to this episode in full and then drop into my Insta DMs and let me know your thoughts.


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