Strengthening the Body Through Breath With Karolina Fung-On


The world gives a lot of information to new mothers about how they should care for their babies. But it fails to support women in caring for their own bodies after the rigours of childbirth. 

Today’s guest discovered this gap in knowledge early in her training as a fitness instructor, and found the perfect tool to help strengthen women’s bodies in Hypopressives. 

In this episode of The Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast, I chat with Karolina Fung-On, Senior UK Hypopressives Trainer and boss at Fitness by the Sea. We talk about the many ways in which society dismisses the physical challenges of new mothers and Karolina’s determination to spread awareness about the issue.

We also explore:

- How motherhood helped Karolina figure out how little is known about women’s health issues after childbirth

- The challenges of teaching physically exhausting classes during her own pregnancy

- Why society’s ignorance causes women to neglect problems like...

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