Nourish Body And Mind During Turbulent Times - Wellness Warrior Workshop


One of my Wellness Entrepreneur Academy students who is also an ITU nurse and nutritional therapist joined me this week on Wellness Warrior Workshops, to discuss how to nourish your body and mind during these turbulent times.

Carly has been on the frontline throughout this pandemic, so understands more than most how important it is right now to honour the mind body connection. This will certainly be one you won’t want to miss!

Wellness Warrior Workshops is the place to connect and care for your internal landscape while we navigate the current uncertainty in our external one.

We believe, now more than ever, our own wellbeing needs to be nurtured and nourished in order to consciously navigate these turbulent times. So every Wednesday we will be bringing you experts within the world of wellness, who will be leading transformational workshops on their specialism, to empower your own self-care practice and to ensure that together we transcend these current times.


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