Neurodiversity and Accessibility in the Wellness Space With Saša Harper

Sometimes the best advice can feel inaccessible because it speaks to a neurotypical audience by default. 

This is especially disheartening in the wellness space because most of us gravitate towards it seeking the comfort and support it offers.

So, in today’s episode of the Wellness Entrepreneur podcast, I’m speaking to Saša Harper, a Personal Coach from Liverpool, UK, who is actively working to make the wellness industry a more welcoming and accessible space for neurodiverse people.

Saša has spent a decade in physics education, and now uses their knowledge of the education field, physics, and their own experience with a late diagnosis of ADHD to help people achieve a better understanding of their own emotions and behaviours.  

In this episode, we talk in depth about:

- How Saša got their Master in Particle Physics, despite their struggles with the education system

- What it was like to live with undiagnosed ADHD until the age of...

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