Unlocking the Potential of Our Natural Cycles With Jema Lee

Do you ever have days when you wake up planning to power through your schedule, but your mind and body just says ‘NO’?

What if I told you that there is a way to know exactly which days of the month you’re likely to feel this way - and that you already have the tools to navigate this.

The only thing missing is the knowledge of how to use them.

Historically, women who knew how to tap into their natural cycles and understood its raw power scared the patriarchy.

Unfortunately, not much has changed - talking about menstruation is still taboo in most societies!

Which is why in this week's Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast episode, I interview menstrual cycle educator and coach, Jema Lee, and dig deep into the secrets that lie within both ancient and modern healing practices.

Our body is always ready to guide us towards balance and prosperity. We just need to listen! So, in this episode, we explore:

- How to track and study your cycle and take full advantage of the gifts each phase bestows

- The ways in which natural cycles talk to us even when we’re not menstruating!

- Leading by example and building a support system that empowers you to say no when your body needs it

- Raising children who aren’t deprived of this knowledge because of social awkwardness

- The truly amazing benefits of allowing yourself to embrace the yin phase of your cycle in your business!

Every one of us has a deep rhythm that gets lost in the chaos of meetings, projects, and launches! It’s the ultimate gift to take the time to understand our inner workings so we know exactly when we’re at our most creative and powerful. To start that journey, tune in to this episode!


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