How I Grew My Instagram To 10K Followers

Are you feeling frustrated and even burnt out by the endless hours spent on Instagram getting absolutely nowhere - FAST?

I promise you I’ve been there!

Everyone seems to make the whole thing look so easy but every time you gain some new followers, a little more engagement or even an enquiry or two, the next minute it all seems to fall away - and you're back to crickets.

If you're feeling this way - I am here to tell you it is not your fault. These platforms have so many functions and features it can feel almost impossible to keep up, let alone master their intricate do's and don'ts.

Now look, I'm not some wannabe social media guru, I'm someone who was where you are now just 12 months ago. Feeling lost, deflated and disempowered when it came to my relationship with Instagram.

But not anymore! In less than 12 months I mastered a potent growth formula that took us from a stagnant 2K to a thriving 10K+ audience - and lucky for you, in todays Wellness Entrepreneur Podcast episode I'm sharing all. In this episode we explore:

- How to use Instagram to display a body of work that has potential new clients wondering where you have been all their life

- The role mindset plays in a fierce Instagram strategy and where you might be going wrong

- How and where to find your ideal clients to ensure you're turning comments into customers 

- Which functions you should be mastering and how your time is best spent to ensure you're getting maximum results in minimum time.

Ready to get results like this 👇:

“I have trebled my Instagram audience, massively increased engagement and sold out my first group coaching programme” Sarah Taylor

Tune in here.





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