Unpacking Inherited Limiting Beliefs with Heather Sharples

When you first start out in businesses it can be hard to catch a break.

You don’t yet have the follower numbers, the best-selling books, the friends with a massive audience or anything else to leverage to get more eyes on your work.

Now if you’re reading this then I already know you’re working hard towards achieving all of the above but should we really be measuring the quality and transformative nature of everyone's work purely by the numbers and accolades?

Having worked with hundreds of clients in the first few years of business I know without doubt that among them has been some of the most talented, committed, inspiring and life-altering practitioners I have ever met. 

This is why on this week's podcast episode I am interviewing our Wellness Entrepreneur Collective ‘Member Of The Month’, Heather Sharples.

Heather shares her story of pivoting through many iterations in her wellness business as she goes through her own personal growth journey of unpacking the inherited limiting beliefs that have kept her playing small and have her believing she isn’t worthy of the exposure and celebration of entrepreneurship. We explore:

  • Why teaching others what you have healed from is so powerful
  • The impact our birth stories have on our future success
  • How to identify what’s yours and what isn’t when it comes to limiting beliefs
  • Where limiting beliefs could be holding you back without you even releasing it
  • The answer to overcoming visibility blocks and what they’re revealing to you
  • The generational domino effect of doing your own personal work and the opportunity for healing this creates

Whether you are just starting out in business or are deep in the trenches and ready for your next uplevel, this episode will help you uncover those tricks of the mind that could be holding you back and will offer you a pathway to release them. Are you ready to dive in? Tune in here.


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