The Six Figure Trap with Dr Stephanie Burgos

We've all seen it - the promise of the 'simple five steps to six figures' sales tactic and I think it's safe to say that most of us are pretty unimpressed by it now. We understand that creating a profitable and sustainable business takes time, commitment and a desire to create real change in the world.

However, this doesn't mean that for many wellness entrepreneurs the allure of hitting the six figure mark isn't still an exciting and important aspiration. After all, the increased impact that comes with hitting six-figures often matches the vision and mission for change that first motivates entrepreneurs to get started.

This week's podcast guest, Dr Stephanie Burgos, shares her story of realising the six-figure dream after transitioning from being a full time ER doctor to starting a wellness business to complement her practice and how she fell hook, line and sinker into the six figure trap. We explore:

  • The art of fulfilment and what's often missing from the six-figure dream
  • Why abundance doesn't equal financial wealth alone
  • How to know when to kick the employed role and go all in on your business
  • Ways to stay motivated when those around you don't share your vision
  • How to create deep and meaningful relationships on social media
  • The importance of community in reaching your business goals

This episode is an invitation to look at your business through a totally different lens that will ensure it grows into a vehicle for change in the world and a become a source of deep fulfilment in your life - this is one not to miss, tune in here.


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